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Welcome to the Maddock/Comotto Genealogy Page!

The purpose of this site is to allow those with ancestry common to my own to be able to share ancestry/genealogy information; share and find out about family stories, share photographs, and have the ability to pass that information on to their own families and generations to come. 

Please note that this site is 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and will soon have links to family trees, photos, documents, and other important pieces of information.


My primary focus has been to find out about my family and my husband's family. On my side (The Maddock Family) both of my parents were only children, whose parents divorced when they were small. We knew no aunts, uncles, or cousins -- so I'd really like to know about my family.

On my husband's side (The Comotto Family), we are finding more about his mother's side (Park, Herold, Sauter), but virtually nothing about his father's side (Comotto and Zadra). We have found a little in the way of immigration records, but very little about the families left in the home countries (Comotto in Frinco, Asti, Italy; and Zadra in Austria).

Surnames I am researching (sorry, not in alphabetical order):

Areas where these families lived:

Hopefully as I embark on this journey, a lot of pieces in my personal puzzle will be revealed, and perhaps you may be able to solve some of your own family mysteries as well.  As I learn more about posting to this site, I will make information available for those searching for similar information.  Most of my information is posted in my family tree on Ancestry.com, and some of the information has attached source documents. 


Christine Lynn Maddock Comotto

February, 2007

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Ancestry.com                                        (http://www.ancestry.com) Great research site for original documentation, family trees, and much more
Family Search Genealogy Service       (http://www.familysearch.org)  Great site managed by the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah
Maryland Catholics on the Frontier    (http://www.marylandcatholics.com/)  A wonderful site dedicated to Catholic pioneers in the US
Lulu.com                                                (http://www.lulu.com) Family self-publishing site with many inexpensive books of interest to genealogists
The Parke Society                                 (http://www.parke.org) Society that exists for the preservation and research of the surnames Parke, Park, Parks, Parkes

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