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Descendants of Thomas Colman


1. Thomas Colman

The name Coleman first appears in history in AD 664 in the person of a noted Scotch Bishop of Lindsparne, he died 676. Five branches of the family have been honored with coats of arms.
Thomas Colman was one of fifty-three men (plus women and children) who shipped at Southampton (15 miles southwest of London, England) on 6 April 1635, on the brig "James" and landed at Boston on 3 June 1635, William Cooper, Master. Joshua Coffin says he spelled his name "Coultman."
Thomas was 1 out of 2885 immigrants from England to New England from 1620 to 1650.
Sir Richard Saltonstall, Henry Sell, Richard and Stephen Drummer with others from Wiltshire, England, had organized a company for the purpose of stock raising at a time when prices for cattle horses and sheep were at their highest, and Thomas Colman had been employed by the projectors of the company to provide feed for the cattle and take care of them for a specified 2 years.
Thomas Colman becoming dissatisfied, for some reason, declined to carry out his part of the contract, and the General Court finally ordered a division of the grain that had been imported and instructed each owner to take care of his own cattle.
On 17 May, 1637, in a move to prevent the re-election of Governor Sir Harry Vane, ten men of Newbury walked the forty miles from Newbury to Cambridge and qualified to vote by taking the Freemen's Oath. Winthrop was elected.
Thomas received two lots in Newbury in 1635.
Moved to Hampton, NH in 1650, stayed until Susanna died.
Moved to Nantucket 1680. Nantucket Island had been purchased from the Indians by twenty men, one of which was Thomas, for 26 pounds in English money, 10 May 1660. Thomas was chosen by John Swain as his partner. Thomas was a selectman, 1654, Deputy to General Court, 25 sessions, and Deputy from Wethersfield, Connecticut. He was an Original Signer at Hadley, Massachusetts, 1661.

7. Benjamin Colman


10. Isaac Colman

At 12 yrs went in first boat to Nantucket. Drowned with John Barnard and Bethiah (Folger) Barnard out of a large freight canoe between Martha's Vinyard and Nantucket while returning from a supply trip. Bethia'a older brother Eleazer Folger survived by clinging to the drifting canoe. It is assumed that the Nantucket Indians who were crewing the large canoe also drowned.

Bethia (Folger) Barnard was daughter of Peter Folger, and sister of Abigail (Folger) Franklin, mother of Benjamin Franklin.

Mary Johnson

Widow of Edmund/Johnson/

Margaret Fowler

On 28 July 1633 at St. Mary's, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, Margery married Christopher Osgood. Margery Fowler immigrated on 6 May 1635 to Massachusetts; on board The Mary & John. In 1651 Margery married Thomas Rowell. Margery Fowler and Thomas Rowell moved in 1652 to Ipswich, Massachusetts.1 Margery Fowler and Thomas Rowell moved in 1658 to Andover, Massachusetts.1 Before 1670 Margery married Thomas Colman .2,3 Margery Fowler was living on 27 May 1673 at Nantucket, Massachusetts.2 After 1682 Margery married Thomas Osbourne .3 Margery Fowler died on Sunday, 20 November 1701 at Andover, Massachusetts, at age 86 years, 5 months and 26 days.1
Widow of Thomas Rowell// of Andover.