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Love Family

This page is dedicated to the Love family.   Jane Love married William Standley.   They were my fourth great grandparents.   The family tree I have so far, much of which was provided by others and is unverified, is:

1 James I LOVE b. 1720 Brunswick County, VA d. 8/1800 Stokes County, NC
+ Elizabeth CROOK b. abt. 1720 Brunswick County, VA
James and Elizabeth were married abt. 1739 in VA. Source:
2 John LOVE b. 1740 d. 1786 Stokes County, VA?
+ Ruth CROOK b. Surry County, NC
John and Ruth were married in 1767 in Surry County, NC.
3 James W P LOVE b. 1766 South of Walkerton, Stokes County, NC or Brunswick County, VA d. aft. 1800 Martin County, IN
+ Sabra ? b. 1767 DE or PA d. aft. 1850 Martin County, IN
James and Sabra were married in 1780 in Brunswick County, NC
4 Jane LOVE b. 1789 Stokes County, NC d. aft. 1860 Washington, Steele Twp, Daviess County, IN
+ William STANDLEY b. 1792 Stokes County, NC d. aft. 1860 Daviess County, IN
Jane and William were married on 1/3/1814 in Stokes County, NC. Source: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Record # 02 294.
4 Ruth LOVE b. 1790 Stokes County, NC d. 1847 Perry Twp, Martin, IN
+ Martin STUCKEY
4 William D LOVE b. 1792 Stokes County, NC
+ Emelia HINDMAN
4 John LOVE b. 1793 Stokes County, NC d. abt. 1827 Martin County, IN
+ Rheumour Amy HORNER
4 Elizabeth LOVE b. 10/18/1798 Stokes County, NC d. 11/25/1859 Pike County, IN
+ Frederick STUCKEY
4 Hubbard LOVE b. bet. 1805-1810 Stokes County, NC d. Martin County, IN
+ Sarah SMITH
4 Lovena LOVE b. 1808 NC
4 James S LOVE b. 1828 Martin County, IN d. Martin County, IN
+ Hannah ELMORE
4 James W Patrick LOVE b. 4/10/1800 d. 2/15/1848 Loogootee, Perry Twp, Martin, IN
+ Nancy Jane LOVE b. 10/14/1804 Stokes County, NC d. 7/9/1864
3 Sarah LOVE b. 1761
3 John Crook LOVE b. 6/24/1783 Surry County, NC d. 1827
+ Flora CAMPBELL b. 3/11/1783 Stokes County, NC d. 9/30/1869 IN
3 Ruth LOVE
3 Jane LOVE
3 Elizabeth LOVE
2 James LOVE b. 1738
2 Nancy LOVE b. 1739
+ Charles CLAYTON

I found a lot of my info at this James Love website.

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