Courty Family Genealogy

Paternal Family Photographs

Adele Petit
Adele (Petit) Hague/Courty/Davis, bef. 1942.

Henri Courty and Adele (Petit) Courty, with Adele's son Charles Hague
Henri Courty and Adele (Petit) Courty, with Adele's son Charles Hague, c. 1898-1902

Henry Courty, Adele (Petit) Courty, and Charles Hague
Adele (Petit) Courty, with her sons Henry Courty (left) and Charles Hague, abt. 1922.

Henry and Pearl (Ellis) Courty
Henry and Pearl (Ellis) Courty, with dog Skippy, in front of daughter Marjorie's home in Pittsburgh. Inscription on back reads : Taken by Helen Petit, the 4th of July of 68. The day before Henry went to the hospital. Came home July 20th for 10 days then back on 31st for surgery Aug 2nd.

Alice (Maurier) Petit, Henry Courty, Adele (Petit) Davis, and grandchildren
Alice (Maurier) Petit and Henry Courty (top row); Adele (Petit) Davis with her grandchildren Charles Courty (infant) and Marjorie Courty. Picture taken in late 1926 or early 1927.

Pearl Della (Ellis) Courty
Pearl Della (Ellis) Courty, c. 1928.

Thelma Ellis Woods
Thelma Ellis Woods, daughter of Christian and Lorena (Rich) Ellis, c. 1915. She was adopted by the Woods family.

Petits and Leturgez
A photo I received from cousin Shelly Leturgez.

Louis and Alice Petit
Louis Petit and wife Alice (Maurier) Petit.

Lorena (Rich) Ellis
Lorena (Rich) Ellis, before 1913.

Henry Courty, Cutting Machine Operator
Henry Courty, Cutting Machine Operator. Newspaper Clipping, date unknown.

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