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This page is dedicated to the Poindexter, Poindestre, or Poingdestre family. My great great grandmother was Louisa Poindexter. Most of the information below is from the Poindexter Descendants Association website. The unverified family tree I have so far is:

1 Samuel Wiley POINDEXTER b. 5/23/1807 Claiborne County, TN d. 1/26/1888 Brown Twp, Martin, IN
+ Dorothy Turley (or Turiel) KECK b. 3/27/1805 NC d. 4/2/1885 Burns City, Martin, IN
Samuel and Dorothy are buried in Williams Cemetery, NSWC Crane, Martin, IN
According to the Poindexter Descendants Association website, Samuel is not descended from George Poindexter I. Currently his parents are unknown.
2 Christian POINDEXTER b. 11/18/1825 Claiborne County, TN d. 3/26/1885 Odom, Martin, IN
Christian is buried in Burns City, Brown Township, Martin, IN
+ Lourinda KECK b. 12/15/1833 IN d. 2/12/1910 Martin County, IN
Christian and Lourinda were married on 9/1849 in Martin County, IN
3 ? POINDEXTER b. IN d. 2/20/1863 IN Infant son
3 Hertha POINDEXTER b. 5/30/1857 IN d. 2/25/1865 IN
3 ? POINDEXTER b. IN d. 10/23/1865 IN Infant son
3 ? POINDEXTER b. IN d. 10/23/1865 IN Infant daughter
3 Pauline POINDEXTER b. 1/22/1881 IN d. 2/27/1881 IN
3 Wiley Fletcher POINDEXTER b. 2/14/1856 INd. 1/24/1881
+ Emma BAKER
3 Whitten POINDEXTER b. 1/8/1853 IN d. 3/23/1933
3 Early Whitten POINDEXTER b. abt. 1854
3 Parmelia POINDEXTER b. 6/18/1860 IN
+ Milton KUTCH
3 Rufus McHughel POINDEXTER b. abt 1862 IN
3 William Henry POINDEXTER b. 1/7/1867 IN
+ Drew LLOYD
3 Ida POINDEXTER b. abt 1868 IN
3 Christian P POINDEXTER b. abt 1872 IN
3 Lourinda "Rinda" POINDEXTER b. 1/13/1875 IN
+ Richard WILLIAMS
3 Rufus POINDEXTER b. 6/2/1863 IN d. 6/1947
+ Luella HAWKINS
3 George Patton POINDEXTER b. 5/23/1851 IN
+ Elizabeth KUTCH
3 John Samuel POINDEXTER b. 1/7/1871 IN
+ Sarah RITTER
3 Tillman Harvey POINDEXTER b. 6/29/1877 IN
+ Martha LINZEY
2 Louisa POINDEXTER b. 6/24/1832 Claiborne County, TN d. 8/3/1885 Brown Twp, Martin, IN
+ John Robert ELLIS b. 2/20/1831 Brown Twp, Martin, IN d. 10/27/1891 Martin County, IN
John and Louisa were married on 12/25/1853 in Martin County, IN. Source: Martin County WPA Marriage Index, 1850-1920 Database. Info found in Book 1, Page 175. Index transcribed on Martin County Rootsweb web page,
John and Louisa are buried in Williams Cemetery, NSWC Crane, Martin, IN
2 Luretta or Lucetta POINDEXTER b. 6/12/1834 Claiborne County, TN d. 8/30/1851 IN
2 Samuel Wiley POINDEXTER b. 4/30/1837 Claiborne County, TN d. 1/8/1857 IN
+ Melinda Ellen STRANGE
Samuel and Melinda were married on 9/22/1856
2 MacHewell POINDEXTER b. 3/27/1838 Claiborne County, TN d. 10/23/1881 Lawrenceville, Lawrence, IN
+ Elizabeth Catherine FAITH
MacHewell and Elizabeth were married on 11/12/1857 in Brown Twp, Martin, IN
2 Mary Ann POINDEXTER b. 12/1/1828 Claiborne County, TN d. 12/1/1884 IN
+ Lee KECK b. 5/7/1832 Kecks Church, Martin, IN d. 2/24/1912 Lovell, OK
Mary Ann and Lee were married 3/9/1851
2 Harriett POINDEXTER b. 1840 Claiborne County, TN d. 1883 IN
+ William L KECK b. 1/8/1840 Martin County, IN d. 12/1932 IN
William is buried in Burns City, Martin, IN
3 Liburn KECK
3 Catherine KECK
+ Thomas Grant WADSWORTH
3 John KECK
3 Lucinda KECK
+ James M JONES
3 Lee KECK
+ Grace L LOVE
+ Emma SIMS
2 Nellie POINDEXTER b. 4/1/1827 Claiborne County, TN d. 11/23/1897 Martin County, IN
+ William WILLIAMS
2 Basil POINDEXTER b. 1846 TN

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