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Over 108,000 Names . . .

The Claiborne County Pioneer Project is a private endeavor to record the genealogy of the Pioneers of Claiborne County, Tennessee. Over 108,000 individuals ("Index Last Updated 7/30/2009) have been documented as having ancestral ties to the Pioneers of Claiborne County.  A current surname index is available for the asking by writing to Denny & Marla Brubaker at [email protected] Please request specific surnames.

In addition, we can supply complete/partial family history reports as simple word doc attachments. For those who prefer formatted GEDCOMs we can transmit them in that form, as well, upon special request. The service is free for the asking on a share/share basis. All sources are cited for further follow-up and proofing by the researcher. Contact Denny or Marla Brubaker for look-ups and additional information. We hope that you will enjoy all of the resources available on this website as it applies to your research of Claiborne County, TN.

Our thanks to all who have helped to make this Pioneer Project possible.


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