Charles Dobie : Genealogy : Disclaimer


The information on this website doesn't pretend to be complete, mainly because of the very fluid nature of genealogical research. Most living people have been omitted unless I've obtained their permission, or unless the information was published in a newspaper or other public document.

Information sent to me by countless correspondents has been published in good faith, and has been checked, whenever possible, for accuracy against records in the Ontario Archives, census records, etc. However, birth, marriage and death dates written in family Bibles, baptismal certificates, letters, etc., and carved in stone in family tradition, often differ from those in official records. In particular, information taken from death records is more likely to be wrong than correct, as it was obtained from people under stress, or often from people not related to the deceased.

Please let me know about discrepancies, as the only way I can correct information is for someone to tell me in the first place. So contact me if you have further information on any families on this website. I won't publish your personal information unless you give me your permission. -- Charles Coatsworth Dobie.

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