Researching these families:

Scotland to Canada :
COULTHARD, (from Dumfries to Ontario, c.1830's).
DOBBIE (Lanark Co., Ont. Added a "b" in late 1800's). (Updated September 26, 2009)
2016  DOBIE (from Sct. & Liverpool to Ont., 1840's) (Updated May 1, 2016)
NEW  GREENSHIELDS (from Glasgow to Montreal, c.1830) (Updated April 26, 2008)
INGLIS, (Morayshire, Sct. Possibly to Ontario, c.1850's)
NEW  MEIKLE (from Glasgow to Lachute, QC, 1840's) (Updated January 7, 2007)
NEW  MILNE (from Morayshire to Owen Sound, Ont., 1860) (Updated March 18, 2013)

England to USA to Canada :
BAINBRIDGE (Middleton-in-Teesdale, Durham, Eng. from ancient times).
NEW  COATSWORTH (from Durham, Eng. to West Va. c.1835) (Updated January 27, 2007)
COULTHARD, HURWORTH (Middleton-in-Teesdale, Durham, Eng. from ancient times)

Ireland to Canada :
NEW  LOVELL (from Bandon, Cork to Montreal in 1820.) (Updated January 23, 2014 )

Sweden to U.S.A :
NEW  CARLSON (From Skaraborgs Lan to N. Dakota, 1888) (Updated February 14, 2008)
LINDBERG, LONG (from Sweden to Princeton, Minn., 1870).
Un-registered private adoption in Princeton makes a solid brick wall.

Ireland to U.S.A. :
2016  BOWMAN (from Co. Down, Ireland to Albany, NY, c.1770)
SMOAK or SMOKE ("Pennsylvania Dutch", since 1700's. Brick Wall). (Updated February 20, 2016)

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The Tiny Tafel of all of my families :
N Charles Dobie
A PO Box 20095
A Perth, ON, Canada.
A K7H 3M6
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F Brother's Keeper Windows 6.3
Z 41 Brother's Keeper  MP
A400 1819:1860 AHL\Forsby, Sweden/Sweden
A536 1850:1850 ANDERSDOTTER\Skaraborgs Lan, Sweden/Skaraborgs Lan, Sweden
A536 1792:1822 ANDERSSON\Sweden/Skaraborgs lan, Sweden
B516 1660:1660 BAINBRIDGE\Durham, England/Durham, England
B240 1780:1780 BEASLY\Bandon, Cork, IRL/Bandon, Cork, IRL
B420 1752:1752 BLACK\Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland/Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland
B550 1760:1811 BOWMAN\County Down, Ireland/Albany, NY & Mercer County, PA
C642 1878:1993 CARLSON\Skaraborgs lan, Sweden/North Dakota, USA
C423 1819:1819 CLA╦SDOTTER\Forsby, Sweden/Forsby, Sweden
C326 1723:1876 COATSWORTH\Durham, England/Michigan, U.S.A.
C436 1742:1742 COULTHARD\Durham, England/Durham, England
D100 1700:2004 DOBIE\Dumfries, Scotland/Canada & USA
D235 1744:1744 DUSTAN\Scotland/Morayshire, Scotland
F600 1728:1728 FAIRY\Scotland/Scotland
G416 1724:1724 GLOVER\Dumfries, Scotland/Dumfries, Scotland
G652 1728:1992 GREENSHIELDS\Douglas, Lanark, Scotland/Weymouth, Dorset, England
H562 1822:1822 HENRIKSDOTTER\Skaraborgs lan, Sweden/Skaraborgs lan, Sweden
H325 1772:1772 HOATSON\Argyleshire, Scotland/Argyleshire, Scotland
H663 1738:1738 HURWORTH\Durham, England/Durham, England
I524 1705:1865 INGLIS\Scotland/Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
L260 1815:1993 LAGER\Skaraborgs lan, Sweden/Sweden
L531 1859:1859 LINDBERG\Sweden/Sweden
L200 1789:1789 LOGIE\Morayshire, Scotland/Aberdeen, Scotland
L520 1844:1879 LONG\Sweden/Minn. or Trempealeau, Wis.
L140 1810:1849 LOVELL\Harbor Hill, near Bandon, Cork, Ireland/Montreal, Lachute, QC, Wolford, ON
M240 1770:1986 MEIKLE\Loudoun Parish, Ayr, SCT/Ottawa, Ont.
M450 1813:1907 MILNE\Dyke, Morayshire, Scotland/Victoria, BC
M600 1722:1722 MUIRE\Scotland/Scotland
M632 1783:1783 MURDOCH\Scotland/Scotland
M632 1781:1781 MURDOCK\Scotland/Scotland
P625 1689:1689 PARKYN\Brignall, North Yorkshire, ENG/England
P623 1792:1792 PERSDOTTER\Sweden/Sweden
P362 1781:1781 PETERKIN\Scotland/Scotland
R520 1705:1705 RHYNAS\Rothes, Morayshire, Scotland/Morayshire, Scotland
R240 1813:1813 RUSSELL\Scotland/Scotland
S520 1760:1760 SMOKE\Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania
S525 1814:1879 SWENSEN\Sweden/Minn. or Trempealeau, Wis.
T234 1689:1689 TEASDALE\Durham, England/Durham, England
Y520 1732:1732 YOUNG\Loudoun Parish, Ayr, SCT/Scotland
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