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Descendants Of Solomon Long & Anna Lindberg :

There is not much information here. Solomon Long and Anna Lindberg were the adoptive parents of my grandmother, Anna Long. Anna was born in Trempaleau, Wisconsin, on the 5th of March or of April, 1879. She was privately adopted and was never told who her birth parents were. The family moved to Princeton Minnesota, and that's were she was raised. Her father had a shoe store in Princeton and may have also been a shoemaker. Anna was their only child.

I'm hoping that the private adoption was done through their church and there may be some written record. Her birth family was supposedly poor with several children, some of whom had already died of TB.

According to family legend, the Long surname was acquired in the Swedish army -- I don't know if by Solomon or by his father. The family is supposed to have settled first in the eastern US (probably Delaware) before they went west. Solomon Long had a brother, Oscar, living in Noonan, North Dakota.

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