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If you have come to this site, I assume that one of the surnames listed is of special interest to you.  I will primarily trace the rich history of the Goodan family in America.  Obviously, to do that, I must discuss all the families with which the Goodan family allied itself.  This page will be a sort of clearinghouse for all Goodan Generations.  We can post stories and pictures and together discover the richness of our heritage.

Daniel Goodan, Sr., the first documented member of the Goodan family, was first recorded in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1778.  It is believed that Daniel was born about 1750, but nothing is known of the location of his birth.  I believe that, along with other members of the Susquehanna Company, Daniel came with his parents and siblings to the southwestern edge of the Wyoming Valley near Fishing Creek in what is now Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  Here he grew to manhood and married a young widow, Elizabeth Wheeler Drake.  In 1803, Daniel and Betsey Goodan moved to Montgomery County, in eastern Kentucky.

The story that will grow on this webpage will be about all Goodans.  Primarily, it will be about Daniel and Elizabeth, their children, and their children's children . . . those who stayed in eastern Kentucky and those who continued moving westward.  But, I believe, Daniel had several siblings.  Samuel Goodan and Patrick Goodan can be found in the records of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  They also moved to eastern Kentucky.  Daniel is recorded on a land warrant with Mary Grimes in Northumberland County - could she be a sister?

Even though Daniel is the first Goodan of this line documented to date, Elizabeth Wheeler's pedigree in New Amsterdam is deep and rich.  Therefore, Daniel and Elizabeth Goodan will be our compass point.  Stories will be added to this site not only about their descendants and siblings, but about their progenitors.

Goodan Generations to be added include:

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  • The Schoonmakers in New Amsterdam

  • The Wheelers in the Wilderness of Pennsylvania

  • The Yankee Pennamite War

  • Fort Wheeler

  • The American Revolution

  • The Wheelers-Joseph Wheeler to Governor Joseph Deshea of Kentucky and President Lyndon Johnson

  • Levi W. Goodan and Abraham Lincoln Captains from Sangamon County, Illinois during the Black Hawk War

  • Captain Samuel Goodan of the War of 1812

  • Phillip W. Goodan and Sydney Day

  • Minnie Goodan and Aaron Eaton and the First Family of Colorado

  • Till Goodan - western artist

  • Rowan County War or the Martin-Tolliver Feud in Kentucky

  • The Goodans and the Confederacy

  • The Goodans of Eastern Kentucky

  • And Much More

Come back from time to time. Contribute information about your branch of the Goodan tree and learn more about our rich heritage.


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