The  Glovers
LaSalle Co., Illinois

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a useless bit of information: Glover is the 361st most popular last name (surname) in the United States]

Henry Glover was born on 25 Mar 1801 in Chenango Co., New York. On 19 Oct 1825 he married Amy Bliss, daughter of Benjamin Bliss (1761-1823) & Amy Bowen (1771-), in Lebanon, Madison Co., New York. Amy was born on 12 Dec 1805 in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. They lived in New York until about 1838 when they moved to LaSalle Co., Illinois. On 3 Jan 1840, Henry bought 162.48 acres of land in Freedom Twp. He bought this land by military warrant he purchased from Michael Bradley on 4 Dec 1848. 


By 24 July 1849 Henry caught Cholera and he died in August. He is buried in Harding Cemetery, Illinois.


After Henry died Amy continued to farm, having 7 children to raise. In 1860 she had 80 acres improved, 89 acres unimproved land with a value of $1400. She raised 3 horses, 3 cows, 1 other cattle, 5 swine with a value of $145. She grew 200 bushels wheat, 300 bushels corn, 100 bushels oats, and produced 250 lbs wool and 300 lbs butter. That year they brought in 20 tons of hay.


By 1870 her son Henry took over the farm. She went to live with son Russell who was living in Weld Co., Colorado. She moved back to LaSalle Co., where she died in 1885 and is buried in Harding Cemetery.


Henry and Amy had the following children:


i.      Edward L. was born on 11 Aug 1826 in Lebanon, New York. He lived with his parents, helping with the farm until on 4 Oct 1855 when Edward married Sarah Long, in LaSalle Co., Illinois. Before 1870, they moved to Delaware Twp, Iowa. By 1880 they had returned to Earlville and were living on Maple St. They had 3 children: Amy Emma, Henry Albert, Ida May. All married in LaSalle Co.



ii.    Russell B. was born on 15 Jun 1828 in Lebanon, New York. On 7 Oct 1858  he married Emily Garland, in LaSalle Co., Illinois. They lived in Earl Twp and farmed until they moved to Weld Co., Colorado sometime before 1870. They had 3 children: Russell, Minnie and George.


iii.   Sarah L. was born on 4 Feb 1832 in  New York. On 1 Jan 1850 she married Gordon Davis, in LaSalle Co., Illinois. Gordon had served in the military during the Mexican War and had lived in California for 2 years before marrying Sarah. He bought 166 acres of land in Freedom on Jan 20, 1857 by military warrant. Gordon died before 1880 in Freedom. Sarah continued to farm. She died before 1900. They had 4 boys: Arthur, Edgar, Hubert and Elmer.


      iv.    Henry A. (1830-)


v.     Lurancy was born on 10 Mar 1835 in Lebanon, New York. On 1 Oct 1857 she married Jacob Meloy, in LaSalle Co, Illinois. 


Jacob and Lurancy lived and raised their family in Earl Twp. They had a farm and in 1860 they had 80 acres of improved land worth $1600. They owned 2 horses, 1 milch cow worth $275. They grew 60 bushels wheat, 200 bushels Indian corn, 10 bushels Irish potatoes and produced 100 lbs butter. They brought in 8 tons hay.


Lurancy and Jacob both died before 1910. They had 7 children: Mary, Harvey, Alvin, Amy, Letitia, Herbert and Effie.


vi.    Amy Ann was born on 26 Nov 1837 in LaSalle Co., Illinois.

On 28 Jan 1854 she married John A. Lambert, in LaSalle Co., Illinois. Amy died in 1855.


vii.   Frederick Lowell was born on 24 Jul 1843 in LaSalle Co., Illinois. On 14 Aug 1862 Frederick enrolled in the Army in Mendota in Co. Co, 104th Illinois Infantry, the same company as Samuel Heslet. He was 19, stood 5’5” tall and had dark hair, grey eyes and light complexion.


He married Mary A. Brierely on 4 Sep 1862 in Ottawa, Illinois, just before he left to go on campaign in the Civil War. He served in the Army until he was mustered out in Washington D.C. on 6 Jun 1865. By 1870 Frederick and Mary were living in Delaware Twp, Iowa and farming. They moved to Dillon, Kansas and then to Highland Kansas.


Mary A. died in Kansas on 12 Jun 1906. Frederick died in Paola, Kansas on 29 Apr 1927. They are both buried in the Fairview Cemetery, Goff, Kansas.




Henry A. Glover was born on 30 May 1830 in Lebanon, New York. On 1 Jun 1856 he married Lena Boozel, daughter of Henry Boozel & Catherine Ninon, in LaSalle Co., Illinois.  Lena was born on 4 Jan 1840 in Milford, Juniata Co., Pa.


Henry farmed his mother’s farm in Freedom Twp. In 1870 he had 165 acres improved and 8 acres unimproved land, valued at $7000 .They had 17 horses, 8 cows, 24 other cattle, 15 swine valued at $2100 value livestock. They grew 50 bushels wheat, 1000 bushels corn, 500 bushels oats, 60 bushels potatoes. They produced 600 lbs butter and 200 lbs honey. They brought in 75 tons hay, 25 bushels grass seed, 75 bushels flaxseed.


By 1887, he had 295 acres valued at $15,000. He had also held office of School Director, and Road Commissioner. By 1913 he was living in Earlville and was a carpenter.


Henry A. and Lena had the following children:


i.     Arwilda M. "Nora" was born on 25 Dec 1856 in Freedom, Illinois.

On 14 Nov 1875 she first married Arthur D. Meads. They had 2 children: Jessie and Mamie. Arthur died in 1891 in Freedom.  On 16 Oct 1895 she second married Daniel Webster Sayles, in LaSalle Co, Illinois. They lived in Earlville. Arwilda is buried with Arthur in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.


ii.     Earnest Syrette "Rette" (1868-1934)


iii.     Maggie Miller (Adopted) was born about 1868 in New York.


iv.     Henry S. (Died as Child) was born on 30 Jun 1869 and died on 19         Feb 1871


Earnest Syrette "Rette" Glover was born on 30 Jan 1868 in Freedom Twp, Illinois. On 25 Feb 1885 he first married Iza Delle Cook, in LaSalle Co., Illinois.


They had the following children:

i.     Della Grace was born on 23 Mar 1886 and died on 18 Jan 1927. She        married W.B. Jornlin. She is buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.


ii.     Kathryn Florence "Kitty" was born on 12 Feb 1888. She married           Schubert.



On 3 Aug 1892, in Geneva, Kane Co., Illinois, Rette second married Harriet Alberta 'Bertha' Sellers, daughter of David Sellers & Rebecca Henneman. They were married by Rev. R. R. Lloyd. They both had blonde hair. Rette was in the well-business. Bertha lived in Wheaton, Illinois.


They lived on Winthrop St., Earlville, Illinois. Rette had a variety of jobs such as a day laborer, worker in an ice cream factory and night watchman.


Rette died in Earlville on 27 Apr 1934. Bertha died in Earlville on 9 May 1951, she was 81. They are both buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.



They had the following children:


i.     Guy Wilber was born on 3 Feb 1894. He died in Tempe, Maricopa,          Arizona in Nov 1973.


ii.     Ester Lena was born on 3 Jul 1898. She married Reynolds. She died in Jul 1947.


iii.     Alice Rebecca 'Peggy' was born on 20 Aug 1901. She married Sidney Hill.


iv.     Arwilda Ethel 'Billie' was born on 1 Jun 1905 in Earlville. She married Rudy Johnson. She died on 31 Oct 1990 and is buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.


v.     Burtis Henry 'Burt' was born on 18 Mar 1907. He married Dorothy. 'Burt' died in Aurora, Illinois in Oct 1984.


vi.     Dorothy Edith was born on 11 Feb 1909. She married Innis.               Dorothy died in Earlville in Mar 1989

vii.     Lydia Elizabeth (1911-2001) married John Thornton Eager

viii.     Margaret Laura was born on 3 Oct 1913. Margaret married John Winter.

She died on 15 Mar 1998.


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