Ancestry of Bob Barker (1923-)
Ancestry of Bob Barker

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Ancestry of Bob Barker
1 Robert William "Bob" Barker, b. Darrington, Snohomish, Washington, 12 December 1923,  
md. Dorothy Jo Gideon, b. Missouri, 25 September 1924, d. Los Angeles County, California, 19 October 1981
2 Byron John Barker, b. Verdel, Knox, Nebraska, 8 December 1887 d. 1930  
md. about 1922
3 Matilda Kent Tarleton, b. New York, 18 October 1897, d. Los Angeles County, California, 26 February 1989
4 Joseph H. Barker, b. Russia, Herkimer, New York, 10 September 1832, d. Verdel, Knox, Nebraska, 22 January 1915  
md. Fort Randall, Gregory, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota), 9 October 1871
5 Frances "Fannie" Tackett, b. South Dakota, 17 February 1852, d. Verdel, Knox, Nebraska, 3 May 1918
6 Robert Ekler Tarleton, b. Cairo, Greene, New York, 28 August 1872, d. 29 January 1925  
md. New York, 17 January 1897
7 Mary Kent, b. Pennsylvania, about 1873
8 Oliver Barker, b. Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, 20 February 1794 d. Russia, Herkimer, New York, 28 June 1836 (struck by lightning),  
md. (as her first husband)
9 Ruth Hubbard, b. New York, 1801, d. Hartford, Wisconsin, 6 December 1859
10 George L. Tackett, b. Kentucky, about 1826


This is a listing of any materials other than census, vital records, etc., that were consulted during the research of this tree.


1930 Springfield City, Greene County, Missouri, Ward 17, ED 39-29, sheet 13A

1904 Calhoun St.

                                     Marital   Age at                Father's      Mother's
                     Rel     Age     Status    1st Mar   Bplace      Bplace        Bplace 
Tarleton Mary E      Head    56      Wd        24        Penn        Penn          Penn
         Adelaide E  Dau     19      S                   Dakota      New York      Penn
Barker Matilda       Dau     32      M         22        New York    Penn          Penn
       Byron J       S-in-L  42      M         33        Nebraska    New York      Iowa
       Robert W      GrSon    6      S                   Washington  Nebraska      New York


1910 Springfield City, Bon Homme County, South Dakota, Ward 3, ED 24, sheet 8B-9A, Family 43

                                       Marital   # of     Mother of               Father's      Mother's
                       Rel     Age     Status    yrs mar  children    Bplace      Bplace        Bplace 
Tarleton Robert        Head    37      M1        13                   New York    Ireland       New Jersey
         Mary E        Wife    37      M1        13       5 / 5       Penn        Penn          Penn
         Matilda K     Dau     12      S                              New York    New York      Penn
         Marian        Dau     11      S                              New York    New York      Penn
         Diana S       Dau      9      S                              New York    New York      Penn
         Robert E Jun  Son      6      S                              S Dakota    New York      Penn
         Mary E        Dau      3      S                              S Dakota    New York      Penn

Robert was a Methodist minister.