Ancestry of Harrison Ford (1884-1957)
Ancestry of Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford (1884-1957)

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Ancestry of Harrison Ford
1 Harrison K. Ford, b. Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, 16 March 1884, d. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, 2 December 1957  
md. Beatrice Prentice, b. probably Sac County, Iowa, 1 September 1884, d. Los Angeles County, California, 30 May 1977, probably daughter of Hosea and Susan Prentice
2 James Walter Ford, b. Jessamine County, Kentucky, 6 April 1863, d. Missouri, 30 May 1896  
md. (as her first husband)
3 Anna Mercy Everly, b. Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, 25 October 1865, d. San Francisco County, California, 2 March 1943
4 William Webber Ford, b. Garrard County, Kentucky, 6 April 1824, d. Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, 18 February 1890  
md. Kentucky, 13 February 1845
5 Mary Ann Quest, b. Kentucky, 18 October 1825, d. probably Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, after 1900
6 Henry Everly, b. Logan, Hocking, Ohio, 9 February 1818, d. Saint Louis, Missouri, 8 December 1893  
md. (2) Portland, Cumberland, Maine, 19 August 1861
7 Maria Hatch


This is a listing of any materials other than census, vital records, etc., that were consulted during the research of this tree.


1910 Oakland city (Ward 5), Alameda County, California, ED 120, sheet 10B

Living on 9th St (apparently an apartment complex)

                                   Marital   # of     Mother of               Father's      Mother's
                   Rel     Age     Status    yrs mar  children    Bplace      Bplace        Bplace 
Ford Harrison      Head    23      M1        1                    Missouri    U.N.          Illinois
     Beatrice      Wife    23      M1        1        0 / 0       New York    New York      New York
Reel Anna          Mother  39      M2        4        2 / 2       Illinois    Kentucky      Maine
Ford Maida         Sister  20      S                              Missouri    Missouri      Illinois

Harrison was a theatre actor. Beatrice was a theater actress. Anna was a stenographer for the
forestry service.


1900 Ferguson city, Saint Louis County, Missouri, ED 128, sheet 14A, Family 255

                                   Marital   # of     Mother of                 Father's    Mother's
                Rel     Birth Date Status    yrs mar  children    Bplace        Bplace      Bplace 
Ford, Anna E    Head    Oct 1865   W                  2 / 2       Illinois      Ohio        Maine
      Harry K   Son     Mch 1884   S                              Missouri      Kentucky    Illinois
      Maida     Dau     Sep 1888   S                              Missouri      Kentucky    Illinois

Anna was a stenographer. Harry worked as a clerk for the railroad.