Ancestry of Harry Hooper (1887-1974)
Ancestry of Harry Hooper
Harry Hooper (1887-1974)

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Ancestry of Harry Hooper
1 Henry Bartholomew "Harry" Hooper, b. Bells Station, Santa Clara, California, 24 August 1887, d. Santa Cruz County, California, 18 December 1974, bur.
2 Joseph Hooper, b. Morrell, St. Patrick, Kings, Prince Edward Island, Canada, March 1851, immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1872,  
md. Gilroy, Santa Clara, California, 17 October 1878
3 Mary Katherine Keller, b. Frankfurt, Germany, November 1852, immigrated 1856 (settling in Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania)
4 William Hooper, b. Northleigh, Devonshire, England, 23 July 1824, JP (may have had a brother Samuel)  
md. Hamilton, Bermuda, 1845
5 Louisa Maria Esperansa Dorasarie Antone Rosario, b. China, about 1823 (of a Portugese captain)
6 ? Keller  
md. (as her first husband)
7 Anna Marie, b. Germany, about 1830, immigrated 1856 (settling in Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania, she married (2) Jonas Zindel in 1860)
8 Joseph Hooper of Northleigh, Devonshire, England  


This is a listing of any materials other than census, vital records, etc., that were consulted during the research of this tree.

Zingg, Paul J. Harry Hooper: An American Baseball Life. University of Illinois Press, 1993.


1900 Judicial Township 3, Merced County, California, ED 46, sheet 8B, Family 138

                           Birth     Marital   # of     Mother of               Father's      Mother's
                   Rel     Date      Status    yrs mar  children    Bplace      Bplace        Bplace 
Hooper Joseph      Head    Mar 1851  M         21                   Canada Eng  England       England
       Kate        Wife    Nov 1854  M         21       4 / 3       Germany     Germany       Germany
       George WJ   Son     Aug 1879  S                              California  Canada Eng    Germany
       Charles FA  Son     Aug 1879  S                              California  Canada Eng    Germany
       Harry B     Son     Aug 1887  S                              California  Canada Eng    Germany

Joseph was a farmer. He had immigrated in 1876 and had been in the US for 24 years. He was a naturalized
citizen. Kate had immigrated in 1872 and had been in the US for 28 years. George and Charles were farm
laberers while Harry was at school.