Ancestry of Saddam Hussein (1937-)
Ancestry of Saddam Hussein

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Ancestry of Saddam Hussein
1 Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Takriti, b. al-Awja, Iraq, 28 April 1937,  
md. (1) Cairo, Egupt, 1958, Sajidah Khayrallah al-Takriti, daughter of Khayrallah Tulfah al-Musallat,  
md. perhaps (2) Nurredin al-Safi,  
md. perhaps (3) Baghdad, Iraq, about 1981 (as her 2nd husband), Samira Shahbandar,  
md. perhaps (4) Baghdad, Iraq, Iman Howeish, daughter of Abdul Tawwab al-Mulla Howeish.
2 Hussein Abdul al-Majid al-Takriti, b. Takrit, Iraq, about 1915 d. about 1937????  
3 Subha Tulfah al-Musallat, d. 1982


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