Celebrity Genealogy
Celebrity pictures


Robert M. La Follette, politician
Michael Landon, actor
Avril Lavigne, musician
Herman W. Lay, founder, Lay's Potato Chips
William Lear, aviator
Henry D. Lee, founder, Lee Jeans
Spike Lee, actor / director
Stan Lee, comic book author
Madeleine L'Engle, author
Dave Letterman, talk show host
Carl Lewis, long jump
John Lithgow, actor
Henry C. Lodge, Jr., politician
Tom London, actor
Huey Long, politician
Trent Lott, politician
Rob Lowe, actor
Myrna Loy, actress
Sara Lee Lubin, lent name to Sara Lee Bakery
George Lucas, director
Robert Ludlum, author
Loretta Lynn, musician BY REQUEST


Connie Mack, Jr., politician
John M. Mack, founder, Mack Trucks
William H. Macy, actor BY REQUEST
Madonna, musician / actress
Jayne Mansfield, actress
Martha Mansfield, actress
Mike Mansfield, politician
Charles Manson, murderer
Forrest Mars, candy maker / founder, Mars Candy
Joseph W. Martin, Jr., politician
Wink Martindale, game show host
Willie Mays, baseball
Fred Maytag, founder, Maytag
Christa McAuliffe, teacher / astronaut
Joe McCarthy, politician
Paul McCartney, musician BY REQUEST
Barbara McClintock, geneticist
John W. McCormack, politician
Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe
Maurice and Richard McDonald, founders, McDonald's
Spanky McFarland, actor
Stewart McKinney, politician
Timothy McVeigh, murderer
Meat Loaf, musician
Arthur Miller, playwright BY REQUEST
Tom Mix, actor
Walter Mondale, politician
Marilyn Monroe, actress
Joe Montana, football
Carolyn Murphy, model
Edmund Muskie, politician


Joe Namath, football
John Nash, mathematician
Judd Nelson, actor
Truman H. Newberry, politician
Samuel Newhouse, publisher
Jack Nicklaus, golf
Mabel Normand, actress
George Norris, politician


Conan O'Brien, late night host
Chauncey Olcott, musician BY REQUEST
Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr., politician
Bobby Orr, hockey
Ozzy Osbourne, musician
Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin
Jesse Owens, track