Celebrity Genealogy
Celebrity pictures


Satchel Paige, baseball
Arnold Palmer, golf
Rosa Parks, civil rights pioneer
Linus Pauling, scientist
Sereno E. Payne, politician
J. C. Penny, founder, J.C. Penny's
Claude Pepper, politician
Carl D. Perkins, politician
H. Ross Perot, billionaire / politician
Tom Petty, musician
Mary Phagan, murder victim
Regis Philbin, talk show host
Brad Pitt, actor
Key Pittman, politician
Irving L. Price, co-founder, Fisher-Price
Vincent Price, actor


Dennis Quaid, actor


Joey Ramone, musician
JonBenet Ramsey, murder victim
Dan Rather, news anchor
Sam Rayburn, politician
Robert Redford, actor
Harry B. Reese, founder, Reese's
Keanu Reeves, actor
Wallace Reid, actor
Janet Reno, politician
Anne Rice, author
Lunsford Richardson, founder, Vick's
Molly Ringwald, actress
Irv Robbins, co-founder, Baskin-Robbins
Julia Roberts, actress BY REQUEST
Xavier Roberts, doll maker
Sugar Ray Robinson, boxing
Norman Rockwell, illustrator BY REQUEST
Fred Rogers, children's advocate
Charles Rolls, co-founder, Rolls-Royce
Pete Rose, baseball
Henry Royce, co-founder, Rolls-Royce
Wilma Rudolph, track
Bill Russell, basketball
Babe Ruth, baseball
Leo J. Ryan, politician
Meg Ryan, actress
Nolan Ryan, baseball


Adam Sandler, actor
Susan Sarandon, actress
John Saul, author
Jacob Schick, founder, Schick Razors
Dr. William Scholl, podiatrist
Charles Schulz, cartoonist BY REQUEST
Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor
Larry Semon, actor
Toni Seven, model BY REQUEST
Sam Sheppard, doctor
Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia
Douglas Sirk, film director BY REQUEST
Ricky Skaggs, musician BY REQUEST
Grace Slick, musician
Amanda W. Smith, founder, Mrs. Smith's Bakeries
Anna Nicole Smith, model
Will Smith, actor / musician
Jerome Smucker, founder, Smucker's
Sam Snead, golf
Kevin Spacey, actor
Britney Spears, musician
Richard Speck, murderer
Steven Spielberg, director
Robert Stack, actor
Gwen Stefani, musician
Martha Stewart, home living guru BY REQUEST
Sharon Stone, actress BY REQUEST
Vernon B. Stouffer, founder, Stouffer's
Russell Stover, founder, Russell Stover Candies
Robert Stroud, the birdman of Alcatraz
Alfalfa Switzer, actor