Celia Luce Davis family tree


by Celia Luce Davis


I started doing genealogy in the late 1970's, and I seem to have become the family historian by default. Many of my relatives have asked me when I planned to publish a book. The biggest deterrent has always been the knowledge that I didn't have the data and documentation for that "perfect" book I would be proud to put my name on.

I've also felt guilty, though, because I know my family doesn't expect perfection. They just want to know more about their ancestors. So, I offer this information to my relatives. It shares what I know, errors and all, about our family.

I did not find this information on my own. Many people freely gave me pictures, dates, and stories. I am indebted to all of them for their gracious sharing.

This is an ongoing project, and I will try to eventually have some information on all my major lines which include: Luce, McVicker, Denly, Gilmore, Talbott, Ward, Jarman, Kent, Price, Rosenberger, Bateman, Christy, Camp, and Corbett.

Please send me corrections or any new information you find on our family. That's the only way our history will grow and be accurate.

If you would like to be notified when pages are added/updated on a specific line, write me and I will add you to the mail list. Please specify what line(s) you're interested in such as mail list- Price.

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