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Adam Clark Price was born in August of 1803 in Rockingham County, Virginia. When his father died in 1828, he and his younger brother Jacob were named executors in their father's will. This may have been in part because their older brothers Henry, William, and John had already moved to Ohio. Adam was given power of attorney by his brothers in Ohio and their spouses ("...Henry Price and Mary his wife and John Price and Betsy his wife...) Since William's wife isn't mentioned, his marriage to Anna Graft must have taken place after June of that year. The Power of Attorney also mentions the death of their brother George. Since he was mentioned in his father's 1828 will, George must have died between then and February 1830 when the Power of Attorney was drawn up. William, Henry, John, and Mary all signed the Power of Attorney while Betsy made her mark indicating she couldn't write.


On October 14, 1833, Adam married Susan Rosenberger in Rockingham County, Virginia.(1)The consent for the marriage of his daughter Susan proves that John Rosenberger was in Rockingham County in 1833. According to family tradition Adam and Susan immediately moved to Cass County, Illinois (Cass County was formed from Morgan County in 1837 - see map). This is supported by Susan's death certificate which states she had lived in the state for 46 years at the time of her death in 1880(2).Also, Adam's brother Henry had moved to Cass County that spring from Ohio.

Life was hard on the frontier. Some of that is seen by carefully studying their children's birth dates. Their first child, Elizabeth, died at about six weeks of age. Their second child died at age one month exactly one year later. And in 1838 when their fourth child was born, she lived only one month. Two more children would eventually be born and die. The history of Arenzville, Illinois, tells what early frontier life was like.

Abraham Lincoln's most famous murder defense trial occurred in Cass County. On a change of venue case he successfully defended Duff Armstrong in 1857 in a Beardstown courtroom. I wonder if any of our relatives attended the trial?

Adam and Susan were members of the Methodist Episcopal church in Illinois. Adam died February 1, 1875. Susan died of typhoid fever on September 27, 1880, after being ill for four weeks. Both Adam and Susan died in the town of Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. They are buried at Bethlehem Methodist cemetery in Cass County (3).

A biographical sketch of Adam Clark Price appeared in the Cass county history book.

Adam and Susan Price had twelve children. I don't have birth or death dates for two of the babies so have just added them in where there were gaps.

1.1 Elizabeth F. was born June 5, 1834, and died July 15, 1834.

1.2 UNNAMED (1835-1835) It is not known if this was a boy or a girl. It was born June 15 and died July 15, 1835.

1.3 John W. (1836-) was born in 1836 in Illinois.(4) On September 22, 1859, he married Maria Gans in Cass County, Illinois (5). Maria was born about 1841 in Pennsylvania. John moved to Wilson County, Kansas and was a large landowner there. Apparently they divorced because they were married again in Wilson County, Kansas, on November 14, 1899 (6).I show John and Maria having eleven children but I am not really sure about the last three.

1.3.1 Adam B. (1860-1946) was born in Macon County, Illinois, in 1860 and died August 30, 1946. He is buried at the Fredonia Cemetery, in Fredonia, Kansas. He never married. He had lived in Duck Creek township since 1873.

1.3.2 Edward (1862-1944) was born January 5, 1862, in Cass County, Illinois, and died January 11, 1944, at the I.O.O. F. home in Manhattan, Kansas. He is buried at Fredonia, Kansas. Edward married Jessie Kennet on August 27, 1855, in Wilson County, Kansas (6). Jessie was born about 1867 and preceded her husband in death. Edward and Jessie had four children: Elsie was living in California in 1944 at the time of her father's death. Ray was living in Colorado in 1944 at the time of his father's death. UNNAMED - preceded his father in death UNNAMED - preceded his father in death

1.3.3 William (1864-1867) was christened May 15, 1864, and died January 18, 1867, in Cass County, Illinois. He is buried at Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery in Cass County, Illinois (3).

1.3.4 Albert (1867-) was born in 1867 and died before 1946. Albert was on the 1890 Personal Tax List for Duck Creek township . He married Ollie Douglas on December 18, 1892, in Wilson County, Kansas. At the time of their marriage Albert was living in Buxton and Ollie was living in Girard.

1.3.5 Anna (1868-) was born in 1868 and died before 1946. She married John L. Dooley at the Pleasant Grove school house on October 11, 1885 (6).John was born about 1856.

1.3.6 Elizabeth (1872-) was born in Illinois in 1872 and died after 1946. She married John W. Parsons on January 6, 1889, in Wilson county, Kansas. John was born about 1868 in Kansas. At the time of their marriage he was living in Tall River, Greenwood County, Kansas.

1.3.7 UNNAMED (1889-) a son was born August 29, 1889, in Morgan County, Illinois (7).

1.3.8 UNNAMED (1891-) a daughter was born November 5, 1891, in Morgan County, Illinois (8).

1.3.9 Katherine (1897-) was born April 7, 1897, in Morgan County, Illinois.

1.3.10 Edgar died before 1946.

1.3.11 Charles died before 1946.

1.4 UNNAMED (1838-1838) a daughter born August 30, 1838, and died September 30, 1838.

1.5 William Thomas (1839-1934) was born November 6, 1839, in Arcadia, Morgan County, Illinois, and died October 8, 1934. He served in Co. D, 114th Illinois Vounteer Infantry in the Civil War. He was a prisoner at the infamous Andersonville prison for four months. He was married twice (to sisters). His first wife was Augusta Marshall and his second wife was Martha Jane Marshall. He had no children. His biographical sketch is online.


1.7 Anna Eliza (1842-) was born January 5, 1842, in Morgan County, Illinois. She married James V. Rawlings on November 30, 1865, in Cass County, Illinois. They had three children. Read her husband's biographical sketch. Anna's daughter Rosa's obituary.

Chiildren of Anna and James Rawlings:

1.7.1 Rosa Florence (1866-1900) was born November 17, 1866, and died June 1, 1900. To my knowledge, she never married.

1.7.2 Greenbury A. (1868-) was born October 5, 1868.

1.7.3 James W. (1871-) was born July 31, 1871. He married Grace Ollie Way on July 23, 1903, in Cass County, lllionois

1.8 *Adam Clark (1844-1936) married Ruth Ann Bateman.


1.10 Amanda J. (1847-1907) was born May 10, 1847, in Illinois (4). She died of cancer on March 29, 1907, and was buried April 1, 1907, in Walnut Ridge, Illinois (10). She never married.

1.11 Mary Ellen (1847-) was born in 1847 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois (11). She married Charles L. Strickler on December 14, 1880, in Cass County, Illinois (12). Charles was born in Harrisburg, Virginia, in November 1854. He was a farmer and they moved to Iowa in 1887. They lived at Sibley, Iowa, in 1900. Charles and Mary had five children. Strickler picture

1.11.1 William L. (1884-) was born in June of 1884 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois (12).He was living in Wauatosa, Wisconsin, at the time of his sister Flauda's death.

1.11.2 Flauda (1886-)[twin] was born February 28, 1886, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died in Chicago. She is buried in Sibley, Iowa.

1.11.3 Flora (1886-1969) [twin] was born February 28, 1886, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died in June 1969. She lived in Chicago at the time of her twin sister Flauda's death.

1.11.4 Mabel L. (1887-) was born August 1887 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. She moved to Iowa in 1892 and was living in Chicago later.

1.11.5 Carl E. (1889-) was born in March 1889 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. He lived at Highland Park, Illinois.

1.12 Sarah Catherine (1853-1885) was born in 1853 and died in 1885. She married Alf Griffin on June 20, 1882, in Cass County, Illinois. Alf was from Nokomis, Illinois.


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