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My great-grandfather, Adam Price, was born in Arcadia, Morgan County, Illinois, on May 16, 1844. He married Ruth Ann Bateman on November 22, 1863, in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois(1). Ruth was born December 11, 1845, in Michigan(2). They died seventeen hours apart during the 1936 flu epidemic. Adam died April 3rd and Ruth died on April 4th without knowing he had already died. (funeral card) They are both buried at Maple Hill cemtery, Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. When asked once how they stayed married so long, Adam answered simply, "We promised."

They joined the Disciples of Christ church at Virginia, Illinois, on October 3, 1891. Ruth joined the Hebron Methodist Episcopal church after they moved to Iowa. In1892 they were living in Douglas County, Illinois, but in 1894 they moved to Clarke County, Iowa. Adam farmed and they first lived in the southern part of the county near Weldon but moved a few years later to Ward township just west of Osceola. Ernie (who would have been about seven years old when they moved to Iowa) told the story of the family coming on the train. He, his mother, and his sister Nellie rode in the passenger car while the rest of the family rode in a box car along with the family's belongings.

I think it is amazing that they had thirteen children and none of them died as children. In fact Anna was the youngest at her death, and she was 57 years old when she died. Adam and Ruth were always called "Ma" and "Pa" by their children no matter how old the children were. Her daughter Nellie said Ruth claimed Charles Goodyear was her first cousin. Ruth's granddaughters remember that she always had two large crocks full of cookies. One contained sugar cookies (with nutmeg sprinkled on top) and the other was lemon cookies. They remember her using lots of lemons in her cooking. Granddaughter Maxine Luce remembers Ruth putting the sugar cookies in a stone crock and storing them in the basement. After a month she says they were the best tasting cookies!

They had a phonograph and allowed the granchildren to play two of the records. Maxine remembes one of the songs was "Any rags, any bones, any bottles today?"

Adam and Ruth raised their granddaughter Nellie Fern (whom the family called Fern).

Adam and Ruth Price Ward township home and family funeral cards.

Adam & Ruth Price family picture index.

The "Price boys"

Children of Adam and Ruth Bateman Price were:

1.1 Anna Edith (1864-1922) was born October 19, 1864, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. She married Charles Lee Davis in Sangamon County, Illinois, on June 13, 1888. Charles was born March 15, 1867. Anna died of nephritis on October 1, 1922, in Osceola, Iowa and is buried at Pattison cemetery, Pattison, Waller County, Texas. About 1940 Charles married Annie Jones. He died September 27, 1947, in Brookshire, Texas, and is also buried at Pattison cemetery. Picture of Anna & Charles Davis family

1.1.1 Zelma Maud (1890-1958) was born May 20, 1890 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. She married William M. Wylie on January 20, 1925. She later married Morris Kelly and had two sons - Albert & Michael. Zelma died January 4, 1958, in Clifton, Texas.

1.1.2 Charles Lee Jr. (1892-) was born in1892, and family legend has it that he died in Illinois before the family moved to Texas.

1.1.3 Ralph Lee (1895-1968) was born March 31, 1895, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died in Hockley, Texas, on November 8, 1968. He married Martha Leverkuhn on October 22, 1922, in Brookshire, Texas. Martha died June 22, 1983, in Houston, Texas. Raph and Martha were the parents of two daughters - Mattie Lee and Yvonne Marie.

1.1.4 Ruth Irene (1897-1937) was born June 3, 1897, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died May 1, 1937, at Dallas, Texas. On May 30, 1919, she married Zevon Beyler. He was born February 18, 1893, in Turkey. He died December 27, 1972, in Sealy, Texas. Ruth and Zevon had two daughters - Anna Ruth and Vivian Lucilee.

1.2 Thomas William (1866-1938) was born in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, on May 7, 1866. He married first Lula Sallee in Cass County, Illinois, on November 3, 1889 (1). In 1895 Tom came to Clarke County, Iowa, where he lived for the rest of his life. He told his children the Prices came to Iowa because land was cheaper than it was in Illinois. He farmed and later ran a gas station. On February 18, 1899, he married Grace Gardner in Clarke County.

Mary & Lorene (nieces) talk about how sweet Tom was. Lorene and nephew Bob Price would stop in to see him at his gas station on Saturdays when they were in town, and he would let them have all the bottles of pop they wanted. Lorene says it was the only time in the week she got pop so she took advantage of it. She would have 3 bottles!

Tom died October 27, 1938, at his home in Ward township, Clarke County, Iowa. His wife Grace died March 3, 1972, in Osceola, Iowa. Tom and Grace are buried at Maple Hill cemetery in Osceola, Iowa.

Tom and Grace Gardner Price's children were:

1.2.1 Ethyl (1899-1987) was born December 1, 1899, at Murray, Clarke County, Iowa, and died December 5, 1987. She married Lexie Sparks and had three children - Eugene, Mary Louise, and Gracie.

1.2.2 Richard Everett (1901-1926) was born March 4, 1901, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa, and died January 21, 1926, in Iowa City, Iowa. He was never married.

1.2.3 Harold Edward (1915-1962) was born September 30, 1915, in Clarke County, Iowa, and died April 10, 1962, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. He married Dorothy McCarroll on February 16, 1936, in Osceola, Iowa. Harold and Dorothy had two children - Richard and Karen.

1.2.4 Dorothy Louise (1910-2001) was born June 20, 1910, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa, and died May 17, 2001, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. She married Ron Muselman in Kingston, Missouri, on October 28, 1936. Ron and Dorothy had two sons - Donald and Roland.

1.2.5 Ruby Lenor (1907-1989) was born September 30, 1907, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa, and died January 30, 1989, in Des Moines, Iowa. Ruby married Herman Albers in Galena,, Illinois, on April 3, 1932. Herman was born February 23, 1909, and died August 17, 1986 in Des Moines, Iowa. Ruby and Herman were the parents of three children-- Patricia, Everett, and Larry

1.3 Edward E. (1868-1943) was born April 22, 1868, in Shelby County, Illinois, and died November 18, 1943, in Clarke County, Iowa. Ed never married.

1.4 Harry Lee (1870-) was born March 7, 1870/71 in Cass County, Virginia,, and died August 3, 1948. He is buried in Tuscola, Illinois. He married Emma Gregg on February 20, 1895. She died February 1, 1934. Harry was an insurance agent and realtor. Harry and Emma had no children.

1.5 Minnie M. (1871-) was born November 18, 1871, in Illinois. On March 4, 1898, Minnie married George Simpson in Clarke County, Iowa. They lived for many years in Denver, Colorado. Minnie and George Simpson had one son.

1.5.1 Glen was born February 16, 1899, and died April 2, 1987. He had three children - Marjorie, Mary, and Glen "Butch."

1.6 Della M. (1873-1944) was born March 4, 1873, in Cass County, Illinois, and died January 25, 1944, in Clarke County, Iowa. Della married John Pfieffer in 1891 and they had one daughter. Nellie Fern (called Fern). John died in1922 and in 1927 Della married Sam Withrow. They lived in California. Sam died January 11, 1968. They had no children.

Child of Della and John Pfieffer

1.6.1 Nellie Fern (called Fern) was born December 15, 1893, in Illinois.

1.7 Adam Clark (1875-1966) was born February 28, 1875, in Cass County, Illinois, and died November 25, 1966, in Clarke County, Iowa. Adam was a farmer. He married Mayme "Minnie" Dobson on October 13, 1902, in Clarke County, Iowa. They had one daughter. Adam later married Bertha Frazee. Bertha died March 11, 1948, in Osceola, Iowa.

Daughter of Adam and Minnie Price:

1.7.1 Vera was born May 15, 1903, in Iowa, and died September 10, 1970, in Los Angeles County, California. She married Arthur Windell and had one child.

1.8 Frederick (1876-1953) was born February 9, 1876, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died August 1, 1953, in Omaha, Nebraska. Fred was a farmer. He married Edith Moore in Iroquois, South Dakota, on October 19, 1904. They lived in South Dakota for 37 years before retiring to Omaha, Nebraska, in 1951.Edith died June 1, 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska. Fred and Edith had three children.

Children of Fred and Edith Price:

1.8.1 Regina was born September 7, 1907 in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. She married William E. Dahl. Regina and William Dahl had five children. Regina later married Samuel Gist.

1.8.2 Paul was born August 4, 1911, in Iroquois County, South Dakota, and died February 23, 1947, in Clarke County, Iowa. He married Helen Slaybaugh and they had four children.

1.8.3 Lois married Arthur Husted. They had no children.

1.9 William Franklin "Bert" (1878-1967) was born March 21, 1878, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, and died April 17, 1967, in Clarke County, Iowa. Bert was a farmer and never married. Bert's funeral card.

1.10 Archibald "Archie" (1881-1965) was born January 6, 1881, in Cass County, Illinois, and died August 27, 1965, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. Archie was a farmer and never married.

1.11 Mary Ellen (1882-1980) was born January 16, 1882, in Illinois, and died October 24, 1980, in Clarke County, Iowa. She married Edgar Wallace on February 23, 1921. Mary and Edgar Wallace had two daughters

1.11.1 Evelyn Ruth was born October 2, 1922, and died February 26, 1925. She is buried at Hebron cemetery in Clarke County, Iowa.

1.11.2 Eula Lorene (adopted) was born April 27, 1925, in Kansas City, Missouri. She married Ardys Henry and had one son. She later married Joe Mazziotti.

1.12 Nellie Octavia (1884-1970) was born October 21, 1884, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. She died August 17, 1970, in Santa Monica, California. She married Ralph Gilbert in 1910 in Osceola, Iowa. Ralph was a farmer and they lived in California for many years. Nellie and Ralph Gilbert had two daughters.

1.12.1 Genieve Irene was born 1910 in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa and died in 1921.

1.12.2 Faye Ruth was born Septembe 28, 1913, in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. She married William Grizzell in Santa Monica, California in 1942. Faye and Bill Grizzell were the parents of three children.

1.13 *Ernest (1887-1979) was born January 5, 1887, in Cass County, Illinois, and died August 1, 1979, in Osceola, Iowa. He married Mary Frances "Fannie" Camp in Nevada, Iowa, on June 25, 1912. They later divorced. They are both buried at Maple Hill cemetery in Osceola, Iowa. Ernie and Fanny Price had six children.

1.13.1 Thelma Irene (1914-1983)

1.13.2 Ernest Jr. (1916-1989)

1.13.3 Mary Evelyn (1918-)

1.13.4 Maxine E. (1920-)

1.13.5 Hubert Alden (1922-)

1.13.6 Robert Kenneth (1927-)


(1)State of Illinois marriages,

(2) 1905 census, Clarke County, Iowa









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