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Ash - Ashe

Ash/Ashe:  Tree name: The Ash tree was common both in England and Scandinavia. (1)


Daniel Ash came from either Georgia or South Carolina (per his children's census records) and lived in Lee County and Scott County, Virginia. His children moved to Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee or stayed in SW Virginia area. He is listed as an early Scott-Irish settler of Virginia. Supposedly, his father was from Belfast, Ireland and died in America.

Roy Ash, a descendant of Daniel Ash has a family story that Daniel changed his name coming to the US because of some trouble in the homeland. His name may have been Pressmore or Pridemore also supposedly he was advised to choose Ash because Ash's were the King's guard and had received numerous land grants so there were already lots of them here and since they had a good reputation no one would mess with them. Roy got this from a letter from his grandfather in 1980.

As to when Daniel died, he acquired a land grant 13th October 1825 in Scott County, Virginia, so he must had died after this date!! The land grant that was sold by his heirs 2nd April 1846 was the land he bought 19th of April 1819 from John Pridemore. His wife, Susanna, is believed to be a Pridemore.

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