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Bodenstein: Valley Stone. (1)

(1) German American Names by George F. Jones, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.

The Bodenstein Coat of ArmsThe area where my bodenstein family comes from includes Jerze, Bornum, Ortshausen, Hahausen and of course the town of Bodenstein. In this same area is located a Bodenstein Castle and of course I have to wonder how we are related.

Family stories indicate that there was once a Bodenstein bible in which was written that the head of the Bodenstein family, who settled in Cape Girardeau County, was the Mayor (Burgermeister) of the town they came from (which I later found out was Jerze) but if he was a small cottage owner, it would seem unlikely he'd be Mayor. This bible disappeared at the funeral of Johanna (Bodenstein) Amelung in 1918 and has never been seen or heard of since. I fear it is lost forever. In this bible was also written the story of their trip across the ocean to America.

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Bodenstein Castle
Bodenstein Castle, Eichsfeld District, Burgstraße, Wintzingerode, Germany.