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Schlueter - Schlüter

Schlueter: Locksmith or Keeper of the Keys.(1)  North German: from Middle Low German sluter (an agent derivative of sluten 'to shut or lock'), an occupational name for a jailer or for a chatelain or steward in charge of the keys to the pantry and storerooms in a large household. (2)

(1)  German American Names by George F. Jones, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.
(2) Surname Meaning

Johann Heinrich "Henry" Christoph Schlüter came from Lamspringe, Germany and arrived on October 23, 1863 with their four children. Lamspringe is approximately 28.4 miles south of Hannover. They arrived in New York on the ship "America" from Bremen, Germany. Henry's wife was Johanne Caroline Magdalene Wilhelmine Richter.

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  1. Marcine Lohman, per research and family interviews.

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