My Brickwall
Hi and welcome to my brick wall people. I don't have many but someone might just see a connection. I hope so, I sure would like to put an end to these. If you do know of something, no matter how small, email me. Address at bottom.

The first one is for a John O'Neill. His parents were Patrick O'Neill and Susan Hannah. Patrick and Susan were the first O'Neill's to come to Australia. John was born at East Maitland, New South Wales. Date of birth was 1 October 1853.

I've searched the births, deaths and marriages and they are full of John O'Neill's. The last thing I know of him is that I heard that he had some land on Harwood Island, New South Wales with his brother-in-law Michael O'Connor.

John was my great great uncle. For more information on John's family check out the O'Neill page.

Can anyone help?

This one is a real beauty.

Ann Thorn travelled to Australia in 1855 aboard the ship "Speedy". She was pregnant when she boarded and gave birth to a daughter, Louisa M., about six weeks before the ship arrived in Australia. There was no male aboard the ship with the same surname. I got this little bit of information from the State Records web site. Who Louisa father is, at present, is speculation.

Louisa married into the Dare family, so I have her marriage and death dates. On her death certificate it names a Thomas Tibbles as her father. Also on Louisa marriage certificate it has father not listed and her mother, Ann Tibbles, gave her consent to marry as she was only eighteen years of age. I've searched again the birth death and marriages for a marriage of Ann Thorn to a Thomas Tibbles, after 1855, but no luck there.

Can anyone see a connection here?

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