The Dare Family

James Dare came to Australia as a convict. He was transported to Australia on the ship "Parkfield". It arrived from England on the 1 September 1838.

James was 24 years of ages at the time. His native place was Surry, England and he worked as a farm laborer.

His offence was stealing an umbrella. He was tried at Surry Quarter Session on the 3 December 1839. His sentence was ten years. This was his first conviction.

On the 25 November 1844, James married Martha Ann Keat, at St Peters, Campbelltown, New South Wales. They were married with the consent of the Govenor.

James and Martha had seven children.

  1. Sarah A. born in 1845.
  2. Elizabeth born 1847.
  3. George born 19 April 1849, at Camden, New South Wales.
  4. Martha born 1851.
  5. James born 1854.
  6. Thomas born 1859.
  7. Alfred born 1868.
James died on the 12 October 1884 at Wollongong, New South Wales.

George married Louisa Thorn on the 3 February 1873, at Marshall Mount, New South Wales.

They had thirteen children.

  1. Martha Ann born 17 September 1873 at Marshall Mount, New South Wales.
  2. James born 1874
  3. George born 1876.
  4. Herbert born 1878.
  5. Isaac born 1880
  6. William born 1882
  7. Louisa Jane born 5 July 1884 at Marshall Mount, New South Wales. Louisa Jane married Marshall Edward Wilson.
  8. Albert born 1887
  9. Austin Septimus born 1889
  10. Ernest born 1892
  11. Annie born 1894.
  12. Raymond born 1896.
  13. Daisy born 1898.
George died on the 1 September 1922 at Dapto, New South Wales and is buried at Brownsville, New South Wales.

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