The Eastment Family

I don't have much on the Eastments. What I have here is from certificates and other information that has been passed on to me from others. I thank them for that. If you find that something is not right don't hestiate to contact me so I can set it right.

Edward Eastment was born in 1880 in England. He married Mary Caddy.

Edward and Mary had five children.

  1. Richard
  2. Francis, christened on the 21 May 1815.
  3. Matilda, christened on the 20 March 1820.
  4. Edwin, christened on the 12 October 1823.
  5. George, christened on the 16 October 1825.
Edward was buried on the 4 May 1834 at East Coker, Somerset, England.

Richard married Jane Cox on the 1 June 1835, at East Coker Somerset, England. They had three children.

  1. Edward, born 1837.
  2. John, born 20 August 1839.
  3. Mary, born 23 March 1841. She married John Partridge on the 12 July 1859 at Hinton New South Wales.
Richard died on the 5 July 1845.

John married Salome Whitney on the 22 May 1860. They had eleven children.

  1. Edward
  2. John W.
  3. Charles R.
  4. Mary J.
  5. Henry Thomas
  6. Florence Emily
  7. Alice Salome
  8. Alfred Ernest
  9. Maude
John senior died on the 2 August 1926 at Lismore, New South Wales.

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