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I wish to welcome you to my family genealogy site. As anyone into genealogy knows that as you get deeper in it the name lists just gets bigger. On these pages are the years of my research and as I get more infomation I will update this site. Some of the information has been passed on to me from others. I thank you for that.

The one thing I love about doing my family history is that you never know who you are related to. I especially love the way that names have been passed down through the generations. The name Helen and Walter has been passed down through my mother's side of the family. The name John has through most generations of my dad's side.

Now a little about myself. I come from a family of nine children and I live in a seaside town called Kingscliff, in northern New South Wales. We moved here when I was about 8.

I have a budgie named BG, named for his colours blue and grey. I have had him since he was a egg.

I am also direct descendant of two convicts. One stole a sheep to feed his family and the other an umbrella. Aren't we lucky we live today and not then?

The names below are linked with my family. Some I have alot and some very little information. As you will also see, I have a brickwall page. This is where I put those I can't find any more info on them or none at all. Check it out, you may be able to knock it down.

Also because for some families I have a lot of information, the names that are bold and italics is my downline. I thought this would be easier to understand where I came in that particular line.

If any of the names below ring a bell, just click on them and find out. If you do find a connection drop me a line. My email address is at the bottom of each page. Also if you do find some link and you don't wish to have all the details of that person, whether that person is living or deceased, just drop me a line and I will remove the information except their name. If also do find a connection and the information that I have is incorrect, please let me know.

Also, all places mentioned on this site are located in Australia unless otherwise stated.

I hope you enjoy my site and don't forget to bookmark it and return to see it I have found more information.

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