The Partridge Family

The Partridges came from Hardington Somerset, England. The first ones to travel to Australia were John Partridge,his wife Unity Cox and four of their six children. They left England in 1849 aboard the ship 'KATE'.

  1. Mary, born 1830 in England. She died in 1832.
  2. Walter John, born 1833 in England.
  3. Marianne, born 1836 in England.
  4. Edith, born 1839, England. She died 1839 in England.
  5. Charles, born 1844 in England. Charles married Sarah Ann Colin in Morphet, New South Wales in 1870.
  6. Edwin, born 1845 in England.

John died on the 7 September 1873 at Hinton, New South Wales. Unity died on the 16 July 1901 at Hinton, New South Wales. They are both buried at Hinton.

Walter John married Mary Eastment in 1849 at Hinton, New South Wales. They had twelve children.

  1. Mary A. was born 1860 at Morphet. She died 1864 at Morphet, New South Wales.
  2. Walter, born 5 December 1862 at Hinton, New South Wales.
  3. Amos, born 1864 at Morphet. He died in 1864.
  4. Sarah Jane was born 1865 at Morphet. In 1888 she married John Moss at Casino, New South Wales. Sarah died in 1954 at Wyrallah, New South Wales. She is bureid at Tucki Cemetery near by.
  5. Sidney was born in 1868 at Morphet. He married Vera Glassington in 1917. he died in 1943 at Murwillumbah, New South Wales.
  6. Colin was born in 1870 at Morphet. He married Bertha Herman in 1892 at casino, New South Wales.
  7. Henry was born in 1872 at Morphet.
  8. John was born in 1874 at Morphet. He died in 1952.
  9. David was born in 1877 at Hinton. He died in 1941 at Lismore New South Wales.
  10. Lydia Unity was born in 1879 at Lismore, New South Wales. In 1898 she married Robert Childs. Lydia died in 1966 at Wyrallah and is buried at the Tucki Cemetery.
  11. Edwin Charles was born in 1882 at Lismore. He married Florence Lane at Lismore in 1906. edwin died in 1941 at Lismore.
  12. Albert Ernest was born in 1885 at Lismore. In 1914 he marries Isabella Reynolds at Tamworth, New South Wales.

Mary died on the17 May 1899 at Wyrallah. Walter John died on the 24 September 1924 at Wyrallah, New South Wales.They are both buried at the Tucki Cemetery which is nearby. Walter John was known throughout his life as John.

Walter married Martha Bridget Nipperess on the 19 November 1890 at Wyrallah, New South Wales. They had eight children.

  1. William John, born 1892. He died on the 11 February 1971.
  2. Edward Samuel was born in 1895.
  3. Walter Henry was born on the 6 July 1896 at Lismore.
  4. Mary Martha was born in 1900. She Married William Leevey Claydon on the 9 April 1925 at Murwillumbah, New South wales. Mary Martha died on the 27 October 1924 at Casino, New South Wales.
  5. Hector Stanley was born in June 1902. He died on the 17 December 1922.
  6. Albert A. was born in 1903.
  7. Hedley ws born in 1906.
  8. Leslie was born in 1909.

Martha Bridget died on the 22 March 1926 at Murwillumbah. Walter died in 1946 also at Muwrillumbah.

Walter Henry married Helen Marshall Wilson on the 6 June 1928 at Murwillumbah, New South Wales. They had ten children.

  1. Albert Henry.
  2. Arthur Edward.
  3. Phyllis Joyce.
  4. Valerie May.
  5. Daphne Helen.
  6. Harold Keith.
  7. Shirley.
  8. Thelma Joy.
  9. Neville John.
  10. Walter Clyde.

Helen Marshall died on the 3 April 1955. Walter Henry died on the 13 June 1957. Both are buried at Kyogle, New South Wales. Walter was known as Jim.

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