St. Johnsbury Vermont


  St. Johnsbury, Vermont

1895 - 1896


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Town Government

Moderator: Henry C. Bates
Clerk & Treasurer: Elijah D. Blodgett
Selectmen:   1st. Ward: Daniel Carpenter
Selectmen:   2nd. Ward: Wm. B. Johnson
Selectmen:   3rd. Ward: Freeman A. Pierce
Overseer Of The Poor: Lorenzo Sulloway
First Constable & Collector Of Taxes: Avery D. Pike
Listers, 1st.: Crawford Ranney
Listers, 2nd.: Delos M. Bacon
Listers, 3rd.: Prentiss L. Pierce
Auditors: John C. Clark, Dennis E. May, W.T. Horton
Trustee Of Public Money: Elijah D. Blodgett
Agent: Marshall Montgomery
Road Commissioner: William Higgins
Inspector Of Leather: Henry F. Griswold
Fence Viewers: Daniel Carpenter, Wm. B. Johnson, Freeman A. Pierce
Town Grand Jurors: Horace Brockway, N.M. Johnson, Geo. R. Crosby
Surveyors Of Wood and Lumber: L.D. Stiles, J.W. Webster, Wm. Wetherbee, Sias Randall, A.L. Bragg, D. Carpenter, W.P. Stafford, D. Streeter, Alexander Dunnett

Village Government

President: N.M. Johnson
Clerk: Arthur F. Stone
Treasurer: E.D. Blodgett
Collector Of Taxes: A.D. Pike
Trustees: P.F. Hazen, Horace Randall, H.M. Cheney, Geo. P. Moore, W.L. Russell, W.E. Barrett
Sanitary Committee: W.E. Barrett, H.M. Cheney
Police Committee: W.L. Russell, Horace Randall
Fire Committee: H.M. Cheney, W.L. Russell
Water Committee: Geo. P. Moore, W.E. Barrett
Highway Committee: Horace Randall, Geo. P. Moore

Fire Department

Chief: T.H. Underwood
First Assistant: Henry Howard
Second Assistant: H.A. Bartlett
Fire Commissioners: H.M. Cheney, W.L. Russell
Police: D.M. Miller (chief)
Wardens - 1st. Ward J.N. Gale
Wardens - 2nd. Ward S.D. Holmes
Wardens - 3rd. Ward Cyrus Sargent (chairman)
Wardens - 4th. Ward G.R. Crosby
Wardens - 5th. Ward H.E. Byron (clerk)
Wardens - 6th. Ward W.H. Harris
Wardens - 7th. Ward H.A. Bartlett
Torrent Engine and Hose No. 1: J.J. Rhodes (foreman)
Island Hose, No. 3: C.H. West (foreman)
Fletcher Hose, No. 4: E.A. Blodgett (foreman)
Flanders Hose, No. 5: F.W. Estabrooks (foreman)
Summerville Hose, No. 6: A.H. Green (foreman)
Excelsior Hook and Ladder, No. 1: C.H. Carpenter (foreman)

Police Department

Chief: D.M. Miller
Officers: S.J. Holmes, William Wetherbee, F.E. Richardson, George Richardson, Charles Green

Post Office

Postmaster: F.G. Bundy
Assistant: Walter Husband
Mailing & Delivery Clerk: F.X. Lanctot
Money Order & Registry Clerk: Miss Maud R. Babcock
Stamping Clerk: J.L. McDonald
Letter Carriers: C.P. French, J.A. Paddock, H.A. Holder, J.H. Moore
Substitute Carriers: H.W. Ellis, W.E. Kellogg


St. Johnsbury Caledonian Corner of Eastern and Prospect Avenues.  Weekly.  C.M. Stone & Co. publishers.  Arthur P. Stone, editor.  Constance Fairbanks, associate editor.
St. Johnsbury Republican Corner of Eastern Avenue and Pearl Street.  Weekly.  L.P. Thayer, publisher.  J.W. Sault, editor. 
Vermont Chronicle  (religious) Published weekly by C.M. Stone & Co.
Vermont Missionary (religious) A monthly paper published by the Vermont Domestic Missionary Society.
The Academy Student Published during term-time by the Senior and Middle Classes of St. Johnsbury Academy


Librarian: Miss Louise L. Bartlett
Building on Main Street.  14,011 volumes and a fine art gallery.  Assistants: Mrs. Ella S. Truax, Miss Margaret F. Newell
Secretary & Treasurer: Rev. Edward T. Fairbanks, D.D.
Trustees: Dr. Charles M. Lamson, Mrs. Ashton R. Willard, Albert L. Farwell

Fairbanks Museum Of Natural Science

Curator: Miss Martha G. Tyler
Building on Main Street.  Open from 9 a.m. to 12 m. and 2 to 5 p.m. Assistant: Miss Mary E. Ide
Trustees: Rev. Edward T. Fairbanks, D.D., Dr. Charles M. Lamson, Mrs. Mary F. Herrick, Miss Ellen H. Fairbanks, John C. Clark
Treasurer: D.D. Patterson
Janitor: Arthur J. Powell

Musical Organizations

St. Johnsbury Band S.H. Kent, President, J.H. Moore, Business Manager
St. Johnsbury Orchestra J.H. Moore, Manager
Mahogany Quartette W.C. Tyler, P.F. Hazen, E.A. Silsby, F.H. Brooks
Guitar & Banjo Club Geo. H. Frost, Manager
Foresters' Harmonic Club John Lanctot, Leader


Town School Directors: T.C. Fletcher, Chairman;  Harvlin Paddock, Edward L. Hovey;   Superintendent Of Schools, William P. Kelly.

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The information on this page was provided by 1895-1896 St. Johnsbury (Vermont) Directory.   It was published by D.J. Perrigard with the Caledonian Press, C.M. Stone & Co., 1895 in St. Johnsbury, VT.

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