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Please read carefully the statement below before proceeding

The transcripts on this site are taken from microfiche/film viewed at Family Record Centres in the UK, which may be subject to copyright. The transcipts are placed here for personal research purposes ONLY, and no fee is payable. Please do not copy any of this information if you are a professional researcher.

NO guarantee is given that the following transcipts are a faithful reproduction of the facts as written in the original records, this is partly due to poor copies on microfiche/film and possible mistakes in transcribing. YOU ARE URGED TO CHECK ANY INFORMATION OF INTEREST FOUND HERE.

If you wish to view microfiches/film yourself then contact your local Records Office Hampshire Records Office for example.

This site is growing all the time and we welcome anyone who is transcribing census returns themselves and can add to the census returns already transcribed. If you are transcribing and would like to have your transcriptions included on this site then please email me at

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