Cheryl's (Endicott) Schwitzgebel's Genealogy

This is my personal effort to document my genealogy research and make it available to others. My goal is simple: get the validated information out where my scattered relatives can see it, contact me, and begin an exchange of information and documentation. Eventually, I hope to write a book about my family, but one thing at a time.

Most of my ancestors were German, along with a smattering of English, Bohemian, and Irish (up to this point). Everyone eventually immigrated to the Missouri and Illinois area then settled permanently, moved on and even moved back. The major lines I'm actively researching at this time are (VON) BRUNS, DAMKE, ENDICOTT, and KOBEL -- the ones to which I'm directly connected.

As you work you way through my family heritage, you'll see I'm also researching: CARRICO, CASH, CLARK, HAGGARD, HAWKINS, HEUMANN, HUFF, KELSO, KEMPER, KESSELS, LAUTNER, MATTHEWS, McCANN, MILLER, PATTON, REYNOLDS, SCHAEDLER, SOMMERLAD, TYTLE, WHITE, WILKERSON and WILKINSON. There are many others, but many of these lines have only been hypothetically connected and need to be validated with copies of documentation rather than mere word of mouth and family stories.


This site is in loving memory of all my ancestors -- the lively stories they shared, the most interesting lives they led and the chances they took to help us all have a better life. You made me what I am today...and I thank you.


Revised 09 Sep, 2018