McGough Family Documents

McGough Family Documents

These documents were preserved by Ola McGough Collins

Copies of these and other documents have been deposited with the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta by Carole E. Scott

1821 Deed to Henry County Property

Shown below is a section of the deed to the Butts County property purchased by Thomas McGough. The property was in Henry County at that time because Butts County had not yet been created. At the bottom you can see part of the ribbon that attaches the Seal of Georgia to the deed.

Perry Nelson's Song Book

Shown below are two portions of John McGough's son-in-law's 1818 song book. It appears that it contains some poetry by a William Parker. Notice in the second portion that General Washington and his buckskin heroes are mentioned.

"July the 23rd 1818  This is not a very good pen

Perry Nelson Song Book

William Parker"



Thomas McGough's Will

Text of the Will

(Periods and commas are absent because none were in the will. Capitalization is as it was in the will.)

Georgia                                  In the name of God

Butts County                          [illegible]

I Thomas McGough of the County and State of Georgia being of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as respects myself and family that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me do therefore make this my last will and testament thereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me I desire that my body shall be buried in a decent and christian manner my soul I trust will return to rest with God who gave it

I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid by my Executors hereinafter appointed as soon after my death as practicable

I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Nancy McGough the plantation on which I now reside in Butts County together with all my property of every kind and character consisting of Horses Cows Hogs Sheep Household and Kitchen furniture Plantation Tools Wagons Buggies money notes and evidences of debt for and during her natural life and at the death of my said Wife what ever may remaining of my said property it is my will and desire and I so direct that the same shall be sold by my Executors and the proceeds of the sale be equally divided among my children there being Share and Share alike and if any of my Said children be dead leaving child or children living there in that event Said child or children to share the part of my estate that would be coming to their deceased parent Except as to the child of my deceased son John T. McGough it is to have no no share in my estate at all I having already given to my Said son John T. McGough all I intended for him to have of my estate in his lifetime

I constitute and appoint my son James R McGough and my son in law William N Nelson Executors to this my last Will and Testament

This 26th day of September 1873

Thomas X [his mark] McGough

Signed Sealed and declared by the Said Thomas McGough as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us the subscribers who have subscribed our names hereto at the Special request of the testator in his presence and in the presence of each other

Sept 26 1873          W R Bankston

                                M [illegible] Gibben [unclear]

                                Henry [illegible]

Bankston is identified on the back of the will as the Ordinary.


James Robert McGough's Debt in 1901 Forgiven