Various Lists Including McGoughs

Various Lists Including McGoughs


McGoughs in the 1830 Census of Georgia

Name County
David Greene
James Monroe
John Greene
Robert Monroe
Thomas Butts


 McGoughs who served in the Confederate Army

(All states)

McGough, Andrew M. MS 15th Inf. Co.K,C
McGough, B. KY Morgan's Men Co.C
McGough, B.F. TN 3rd (Clack's) Inf. Co.H
McGough, B.L. GA 3rd Res. Co.G
McGough, Barney KY 5th Cav. Co.I
McGough, C.C. GA 45th Inf. Co.B  2nd Lt.
McGough, Christopher C. GA 1st (Ramsey's) Inf. Co.K
McGough, Eugene L. AR 24th Inf. Co.F  1st Sgt.
McGough, Eugene L. AR Inf. Hardy's Regt. Co.D  1st Sgt.
McGough, Hezekiah G. LA 31st Inf. Co.H  Sgt.
McGough, Hezekiah G. LA 5th Cav. Co.I
McGough, J.J. AL 59th Inf. Co.H
McGough, J.T. TX 10th Cav. Co.C
McGough, James AL Arty. 4th Bn. Hilliard's Legion Co.D,A
McGough, James H. GA 45th Inf. Co.I  Cpl. (Incorrect: it is Joseph)
McGough, James J. AR 1st (Crawford's) Cav. Co.F  Sgt.
McGough, James L. MS 11th (Perrin's) Cav. Co.I
McGough, James P. LA 6th Inf. Co.A
McGough, James R. GA 14th Inf. Co.I
McGough, John GA 66th Inf. Co.D
McGough, John GA Inf. (Loc.Def.) Whiteside's Nav.Bn. Co.A
McGough, John MS 10th Inf. Old Co.G, New Co.H
McGough, John L. LA 5th Cav. Co.I
McGough, John R. AL Arty. 1st Bn. Co.D
McGough, Joseph LA 31st Inf. Co.H
McGough, L.C. MS 18th Cav. Co.L
McGough, M.C. AL 43rd Inf. Co.K
McGough, M.H. AR 37th Inf. Co.D
McGough, Mathew AR 26th Inf. Co.B
McGough, Mathew O. GA 8th Inf. (St.Guards) Co.D
McGough, Miles H. AR 1st (Crawford's) Cav. Co.F  Jr.2nd Lt.
McGough, N.C. TN 3rd (Clack's) Inf. Co.H
McGough, Patrick GA 47th Inf. Co.A
McGough, Robert C. GA 8th Inf. (St.Guards) Co.D
McGough, T.C. MS 31st Inf. Co.B
McGough, Tally GA 3rd Cav. Co.B  1st Cpl.
McGough, Thomas AR 26th Inf. Co.B
McGough, Thomas AR Cav. Wright's Regt. Co.H
McGough, Thomas C. MS 15th Inf. Co.K
McGough, W. TX 3rd Inf. 2nd Co.C
McGough, William NS Conf.Lt.Arty. Davis' Co.
McGough, William M. GA 14th Inf. Co.I
McGough, William T. GA 63rd Inf. Co.E

Index to Georgia's 1867-1868 Returns of Qualified Voters and Registration Oath Books (white)

Compiled by John David Brandenburg and Ruth Binkley Worthy

This book locates males in Georgia during 1867 and 1868. This listing of white males was the result of legislation passed by Congress. The McGoughs included in it are listed below.

  1. J. C.

  2. J. T.

  3. John

  4. Matthew

  5. Robert

  6. Robert C.

  7. Talley

  8. William M.

McGoughs Listed in the 1870 Census of Georgia

Name Age Color

Born - Living in 1870

Andrew 17 B GA - Monroe
Annette 35 B GA - Monroe
Benjamin 22 W GA - Henry
George 18 B GA - Monroe
George L. 41 W GA - Muscogee
H 68 W (male) SC - Twiggs
Issac 35 B GA - Monroe
James 34 W GA - Butts
Jesse 19 B GA - Monroe
Joe 50 B GA - Crawford
John 48 B GA - Monroe
Mary 28 B GA - Monroe
R. C. 39 W GA - Monroe
Robert 85 W GA - Monroe
Robert 55 W GA - Monroe
Sam 20 B NC - Monroe
Solomon 45 B GA - Monroe
Talley 35 W GA - Chattahoochee
Thomas 75 W

NC - Butts

Thomas 61


GA - Monroe

Thanks for the background go to Edward McGough.