Graham, Reilly, Hilbert, Giblen and Runte Family Trees

The Graham, Reilly, Hilbert, Giblen and Runte Family Trees

Genealogy is a favorite past time of mine and I have been hard at work collecting information from family members and from the world wide web. The web has a vast amount of information in the genealogy realm that can help you with your search if you are interested in researching your own roots. Below, I have posted links to each of my grandparents' family tree. Much of this information is not verified. I am in the process of getting copies of birth, marriage and death certificates as a way of confirming this information.

All surnames included on this website are: Graham, Murphy, Noll, Stein, Reilly, McCann (also spelled Mc Cann), Orth, Hilbert, Zirkle (possibly spelled Zirkel), Zerkle (possibly spelled Zerkel or Zerlke), Heaston, Edwards, Patterson, Humbert, Pence, Giblen, Chisholm, Kivell, Runte, Neiss (possibly Weiss), Kohlmann and Vierling.

My father's father's pedigree: Thomas Peter Graham, Jr.(includes Murphy, Noll and Stein)

My father's mother's pedigree: Florence Lorena Reilly(includes McCann and Orth)

My mother's father's pedigree: Lloyd Edward Hilbert(includes Edwards, Heaston, Humbert, Patterson, Pence, Zirkle and Zerkle)

My mother's mother's pedigree: Gaynell Margaret Giblen(includes Chisholm, Kivell, Kohlmann, Runte, Vierling, and Weiss/Neiss)

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