The Wyncolls of Suffolk and Essex  

By Colonel C. E. Wyncoll.

Edited and revised for Internet Presentation
with Additional Material by Charles Brewster.

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Preface to the Internet Edition

Colonel Charles Wyncoll wrote and published 'The Wyncolls of Suffolk and Essex' primarily for a small family readership. He nevertheless took the step of lodging a copy in the library of the British Museum, thus making the fruits of his work available for other researchers. This Internet Edition is offered partly in the hope of bringing the opus to wider appreciation and not least because it provides a wealth of genealogical information presently unavailable elsewhere.

As far as possible I have tried to keep faith with the flavour and feel of the original. Curiosity led to my reconstructing some of the heraldic artwork in colour based on the descriptions given, and the magic of Optical Character Recognition has rendered significantly more legible most of the copious footnotes attending the main body of the text.

The author's youngest son, Alexander Fowler Wyncoll, whose birth is briefly recorded in the text, was a prolific photographer. The supplementary text chapter and gallery charting his life has been compiled fron his photo albums and from recollections by his daughters Angela and Rosemary. Further additions for later generations and supplementary material providing greater detail on individuals and lineages may follow as opportunity permits.

Much of the information in the various Pedigree Diagrams is available from the following location in the standard "gedcom" format used by genealogical software packages:


The Pedigree Diagrams  have been scanned as "gif" images, and then optimised for mimimal data storage space and speediest download. Inevitably there is some trade-off with image quality, but the original higher resolution image files could be made available via email.

The printed book has three copious Appendices, mostly comprising the primary sources (wills, court and manorial roll extracts, etc.) referenced in the text. I hope to include that material at a later date together with an index or possibly a concordance.

Not least I hope hereby to make my Great-Grandfather's labours available to the many relatives alive today who are able to trace direct lineage from the families he researched, and I respectfully dedicate the endeavour to his memorial recognition.

Charles Brewster
April 2000

Col. Charles Wyncoll and Mrs. Mary Wyncoll (née Fowler)
in celebration of their Golden Wedding Anniversary. 

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