Concordance of Enochian Words
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The Thirty Aires or Aethyrs

The very brief descriptive passages against each of the Aethyrs are mostly abstracted from
'The Vision and the Voice' by Aleister Crowley.

30.  TEX tah-eh-atz
A vast crystal cube surrounded by a sphere; about are four archangels robed in black, with wings and armour outined in white.

29.  RII rah-ee-ee
Sky with stars of gold, background green; a vast eagle-angel whose wings seem to hide all the heaven.

28.  BAG beh-ah-geh
An angel with opalescent garments like wheels of fire holding a flail of scarlet lightning, face black, eyes white without pupil or iris.

27.  ZAA zod-ah-ah
An angel in female form with rainbow wings; dress green with silver, flames of many-coloured fire surrounding; crest is a moon, sandals of curved silver.

26.  DES deh-eh-ess
A very bright pentagram, the heavens filled with the blackness of a mighty angel; spears, vials of poison, sharp swords and whirling thunderbolts about the corners of the earth.

25.  VTI voh-tah-ee
The pale gold of the Rosy Cross; the aire is the dark olive of alexandrite; an angel on a white horse and another upon a black bull are devoured by a lion.

24.  NIA en-ee-ah
An angel like a warrior in chain armour, upon his head plumes of grey; about his feet are scorpions, dogs, lions, elephants and other wild beasts; crackling of lightning, rolling thunder and sounds of battle.

23.  TOR tah-oh-rah
Three revolving lights; a spiders web with a star of twelve rays; a black bull pawing the ground, flames from his mouth, transforming into an Assyrian bull-man.

22.  LIN el-ee-en
A tablet of 49 squares surrounded by a company of angels, some brilliant and flashing as gods, some elemental creatures; the squares of the tablet filled with changing letters in magical script. An angel proud and beautiful with pan-pipes.

21.  ASP ah-ess-peh
A mighty wind and a sense of emptiness; shadows of great angels sweeping by with no sound; a glimpse of an avenue of pillars and a black marble throne supported by sphinxes.

20.  CHR kah-hoh-rah
A pool of clear golden water and the stars of the night sky; a peacock dissolving into clouds of white angels and archangels with trumpets; all gathering into a multi-coloured whirling wheel.

19.  POP peh-oh-peh
A black web pierced with a ray of light, then a black cross spanned with an arch bearing letters in an alphabet made of symbols like daggers; an old man like the Hermit of the Tarot.

18.  ZEN zod-eh-en
A crucifixion scene, the central figure an enormous bat; an angel offers entry to the mountain of caverns and tears down the vision with the sign of 'Rending the Veil'; a mountain of pure crystal is revealed.

17.  TAN tah-ah-en
The head of a dragon, and a pair of balances with a luminous azure plume behind; a filament of quartz suspended above an abyss; the angel like black diamonds transforming into a sphere of liquid gold then green then blue.

16.  LEA el-eh-ah
Flickering images in a misty landscape; the moonrise at midnight and a crowned virgin riding on a bull; the angel a mighty king with crown, orb and sceptre. He tears off the crown and casts the orb and sceptre to the ground.

15.  OXO oh-atz-oh
A column of whirling scarlet fire with columns about it of green, blue, gold and silver inscribed with letters of the dagger alphabet; a fire playing about the columns transforms into the skirts of a dancer who weaves a crimson rose of 49 petals.

14.  VTA voh-tah-ah
A white goat, a green dragon and a tawny bull are clouded by a veil of darkness; a voice announces 'The Great One of the Night of Time'; the veils of darkness are torn and fly away in a whirling wind to reveal the angel standing in the sign of 'Apophis and Typhon'.

13.  ZIM zod-ee-em
An image of shining waters glistening in the sun; an angel walking on the water a rainbow about his head; a golden veil parts to reveal two terrible black giants wrestling in mortal combat.

12.  LOE el-oh-eh
Two pillars of flame and a chariot of white fire like the Tarot trump; the charioteer in golden armour speak with a voice like a bell.

11.  ICH ee-kah-hoh
A sigil of the moon rolls up to reveal a host of angels in battle attire. The whole defended by a fortress of nine towers of iron, the bastion of the outermost abyss.

10.  ZAX zod-ah-atz
This Aethyr is said to be accursed. The Call of the 10th Aethyr may be employed to invoke Choronzon, the Demon of the Abyss. This is potentially hazardous and appropriate precautions should be observed. One such exercise was recorded and is included on the 'Liber Bootleg' tape released by the London Temple of 'Illuminates of Thanateros' in 1990.

9.  ZIP zod-ee-peh
The veil is rent with a clap of thunder and the vision is of traversing the abyss on a razor-edge of light with armies ranged above and in front; in the palace beyond is a proud and delicate woman lying naked: the Virgin of Eternity.

8.  ZID zod-ee-deh
A pyramid of light fills the Aethyr, and in the pyramid is the child of the union of light and darkness. Instructions are given by which may be attained the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

7.  DEO deh-eh-oh
The stone of vision is divided with the left half dark, the right half light; a door like a keyhole in the shape of a Venus symbol opens and flames of blue, green and violet issue forth. A question concerns the key to open the lock.

6.  MAZ em-ah-zod
A great angel comprising magical symbols striving for mastery; illusions conjured by the Ape of Thoth; the more one struggles to devise methods of piercing the veil the further one seems from success. A vision of the God of Lies.

5.  LIT el-ee-tah
A shining pylon set with the sigil of the eye; then an avenue of pylons, in each seated a god, leads to the top of a mountain; weapons are offered, and a mysterious password.

4.  PAZ peh-ah-zod
In the midst of the Aethyr a terrible god with a thousand arms, and clinging to him a young girl in throes of passion; the elixir of life distilled.

3.  ZOM zod-oh-em
An angry light and a great snake feeding upon the plumes of truth as upon itself; the veil of the Aethyr sundered to reveal the Magus of the Tarot.

2.  ARN ah-rah-en
The woman riding on the bull; a vision of the legend of Eve and the Serpent, and Adam and Cain bearing the Hammer of Thor; above all a vision of the Great Sigil of the Arrow.

1.  LIL el-ee-el
The veil of the aethyr dark azure full of countless stars; a vibration of the great word IAIDA; a little child covered with lilies and roses; the formula of the Aeon revealed.

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Concordance: Enochian  A-C  D-I  L-O  P-T  V-Z  English  a  bcde  fgh  ijklm  no  pqrs  t  uvwy  Numerics