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Welcome to Chrisí Genealogy Workshop, doing family genealogy for over 45 years now. Our site is set-up mainly as an aid in our family research and enables other family members to communicate with us and each other to discover our ancestors. When I first started, there wasnít much out there about our ancestry; however, by connecting to hundreds of family members, our family tree is now are over 2000 verified individuals. Additionally, our site also contains helpful genealogy aids and links to other sites that can benefit everyone.


Database Information

AS OF 02 MAY 2021
Software: Family Tree Maker 2019
Surnames: 579
Generations: 24
Individuals: 2513
Marriages: 767
Fact Records: 12,784

Oldest Recorded Birth Year: 1290

Site Updates:
- Photo Album Updated 25 APR 2021
- New family pictures found
- New Pitcock Line Updated.
- New Szegedy Line Updated.
- New cousins loacted.


What is Genealogy? Genealogy is the study of family origins and history based on factual historical documentation that supports and or confirms family data. Statements such as (my grandfather comes from Europe) needs to be supported research in which you locate a shipís passenger list with your ancestorís name and information on it. Or, you need locate a naturalization record with your ancestorís name and information on it in order to develop factual proof of your declaration.

Remember, as a genealogist, you are sorting the facts from fiction. Fiction can arise from family folklore that has based on he said she said information that has been passed from generation to generation. Always keep a research journal when collection this type of information (with any details) so that you can seek supporting documentation that can verify family stories into factual information.

Last updated: Sunday, 02-May-2021 16:19:38 MDT

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