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Watkins Surnames:  Watkins-Wadkins Ancestor Tree

Barnett, Belcher, Blankenship, Burkhalter, Caswell, Chaney, Cline, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Conley, Cross, Edwards, Fletcher, Frank, Gullett, Hampton, Haynes, Hlavna, Manlet, McGinnis, McKenzie, Miller, Hunter, Payton, Perkins, Perry, Pitcock, Poe, Rowland, Sanders, Shepard, Smith, Snyder, Spradlin, Swihart, Stanley, Turnbull, Tussey, Warren, Watson, Wadkins, Watkins, Whittaker, Wright, Wyckoff, Vaughn.

US States: Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Arizona.
Countries: USA, England, Ireland

The history of the the Watkins family, as traced so far, started in July 1760 in Salsberry, Rowan County, North Carolina with the birth of Benedict Watkins, Sr. Very little history has been found on Benedict yet. Benedict married Barbara Stanley and they traveled to Kentucky. Refure to the "History" page for more information.

Rowland Surnames:  Rowland Ancestor Tree

Barr, Betts, Boham, Cantrell, Colley, Collins, Ely, Feist, Estep, Fraley, Hill, Kestner, King, Knapp, Kyer, Long, Melvin, Napier, Pennington, Reynolds, Rowland, Salyer, Smith, Snirely, Strait, Tackett, Watkins ,Wilkins

US States: Kentucky, Ohio

The history of the Rowland family, as traced so far, started abt. mid 1800s in Kentucky with the marriage of Richard Rowland to Sarah Estep. and the birth of Henery Armstrong Rowland Sept. 10, 1895. Refure to the "History" page for more information.


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