Lt. Benjamin Colclough


652. Lt. Benjamin COLCLOUGH was born about 1663 in Stafford Co., VA.198 Land office records indicated a record on 20 Oct 1694 in Stafford Co., VA.158 He died before 11 Apr 1722 in Stafford Co., VA.187 His estate was probated on 11 Apr 1722 in Stafford Co., VA. 187 His estate appeared in probation in 1723 in Stafford Co., VA.200 Benjamin Patented 150 acres on New Dodson Creek, Stafford Co., VA, Oct 20, 1694.
    He was married to Rachel about 1704 in Stafford Co., VA.159

653.Rachel198 was born in Apr 1678 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., VA.158  She signed a will on 19 Dec 1748 in Stafford Co., VA.198

    Rachel died on 25 Dec 1748 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., VA.158 Her estate probated in 1750 in Stafford Co., VA.158,200

Children were:

child i.
John COLCLOUGH was born about 1705 in Stafford Co., VA.198  
child ii.
Elizabeth COLCLOUGH was born about 1706 in Stafford Co., VA.198 Elizabeth married William Elias Bowling.  They had eleven children.
child iii.
Rachael COLCLOUGH was born about 1707 in Stafford Co., VA.198   Rachel Colclough married Thomas Bowling. They had a family of at least four children.
child iv.
Mary COLCLOUGH was born about 1708 in Stafford Co., VA.198  Mary was married three times.  She married 1st, John DeBell. (One child.)  She married 2nd, William Kidwell. (Two children.)  Mary married 3rd, to Samuel Thornbury on 20 Apr 1743/1744 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., VA.  (Two children.)
child v.
Margaret COLCLOUGH was born before 1710 in Stafford Co., VA.198  Margaret married William Durham on 10 Nov 1727 in Stafford Co., VA.  She and William moved to Warren Co., NC.  They had a family of eight children.  She died about 1780 in Warren Co., NC.198 Margaret received 3 negro Slaves from her mother in her mother's will in 1748.
child vi.
Robert C. COLCLOUGH was born about 1715 in Stafford Co., VA.198   Robert Colclough married Sarah Sinclair on 21 Sep 1740 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA.  They had a family of six children.  He died before 10 Jun 1761 in Williamsburg, Loudoun Co., VA.182 He was executed at the Gallows, Williamsburg, Loudon Co., VA.  His estate probated on 10 Jun 1761 in Loudoun Co., VA.201
child326 vii.
child viii.
Alexander COLCLOUGH33 was born on 2 Jul 1716/17 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., VA.198  He died on 10 Nov 1739 in Stafford Co., VA.198  His estate was probated on 13 Nov 1739 in Stafford Co., VA. In Stafford Co. Court, Nov 13, 1739.  

    The nun-cupative will of Alexander Colclough was proved by the depositions of Rachel Colclough and John Jones.  His brother, William Colclough was appointed administrator.  Rachel Colclough, gave her age as about 61 (calculated year of birth 1678), deposed that Alexander Colclough in his last sickness declared he gave all his estate to his brother, William Colclough.  Inventory of his personal estate date Mar 8, 1739 and returned April 8, 1750 included a parcel of "Ships Carpenters and old Tools" (Stafford Wills, 1729-1748, pg 277 & 287, VA).  He was a Ship's Carpenter in 1752/53 in Prince William Co., VA.185  Alexander was a twin to William Colclough.
child ix.
Jane COLCLOUGH was born about 1718 in Stafford Co., VA.198  Jane married Benjamin Newton, son of Benjamin Newton and Elizabeth Gregg on 22 Oct 1740 in Stafford Co., VA.
child x.
Sarah COLCLOUGH was born on 16 Mar 1719/20 in Stafford Co., VA.198   Sarah married John William Kidwell about 1748. Sarah and John had a family of ten children.




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