Characters in Daileyville Shooting

Election Day~ September 6, 1886

                 The Daileyville Shooting

                      Archie B. Ammons ~ Author






Eight Cow Hands

Local Citizens~They were there!


Notes on Karnes County History

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Daileyville had a store, a cotton gin, a grist mill, perhaps three houses, and possibly the Dry Escondido Methodist Church.

About 75 shots from this side


William Green Butler * {52} ~ **WBG~

Pleas Butler {38} [*His brother] 

Fate  Butler {35} [*His brother]

Daniel Butler {28} [*His brother]

Newton Butler {28} [*His son]

Sykes Butler {19} [*His son]

Edward Butler {18} [*His nephew]


**=WBG  *{}=Age


Epitacio Garza, carried a long Winchester.

Juan Coy, carried a long Winchester.

About 7 shots from this side.


Sheriff I. L. Fate Elder {35} [Killed]

Deputy James Bud Elder {24} [Killed]

Deputy  Jack Bailey - [Shot & Died]

Hiram Pullin {58} - [Shot & Died]

Henry Pullin {68} - [Killed]

Eight Cowhands:

Louis Cooper, had a gun, reported to be a Winchester.

Eli Harrold or Harrell, had a gun, reported to be a Winchester.

Will Harrold or Harrell, had a gun, perhaps a Winchester.

Hugh Pace, had a gun, perhaps a Winchester.

Charles Coleman

Sam O. Dailey

Cebero Sanchez

John H. Trimmell or Trimble


Local Citizens Who Were in Town for the Election

Joseph W. Adams [*WGBs son-in-law] ~ H. M. Donaldson ~ W. G. Ortiz ~ F. R. Graves ~ Henry Phillips ~  Jeff D. Ammons ~ George W. Little ~   H. H. Puckett ~  Deputy V. O. Barfield ~ R. A. Little ~ Jack Pullin ~       Deputy Blair ~ W. A. Little ~ James Pullin ~  Felix Burris ~ Norris McLain ~ Thomas Nolan Pullin ~  Charles Campbell ~ Moliar M. Mayfield ~ John Shuler ~ James Monroe Choate ~ Andrew M. Nichols [*WGBs Son'n-Law] ~ John L. Sullivan ~  William Choate ~ Alf Taylor ~ Alfonso Coy ~  J. M. Nichols ~ Charlie Woodie ~ C. P. Dailey ~ Tom Oliphant ~ James Wright ~ Dr. S. G. Dailey


WGBs brothers, James Butler {54} and  Albert Butler {42} were not present. WGBs son Thee Butler was only {15} and son WGB Jr.Hemis was only {10}.

36 men testified at the Inquest.

A gun is a rifle or Winchester.  A pistol is ~not~ a gun.




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