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The following are pages 106-118 of  "A History of Karnes County and Old Helena."  San Felipe Press, Austin 1969


“ The News would have been out three weeks ago, if our press had arrived at the proper time.   The two railroads over which it came a distance of 130 miles were twenty days in transporting it that distance. As we now have the plant in working order. we promise a prompt appearance of The News in the future.

“The first subscriber for The News is Capt. R. P. Fly of Cotulla, sheriff of LaSalle County.   Capt. Fly has been in Southwest Texas for many years and is famous as one of the most sagacious and energetic police and detective officers in the State.  He is well known to many people here and has not a few warm friends in Karnes County.

“Karnes County has the reputation of being a tough, lawless section. It might have been so in the past but such a state of affairs exists no longer. It is populated with an honest peaceable and law-abiding people. In proof of this, the last grand jury after several days work returned but one bill, and that was only a misdemeanor.  Few counties can show as clean a record.

“Professor J. W. Brown, principal of the school at Kenedy was in town last Saturday on school business.

“Mr. John T. Pyle, the boss carpenter of Helena has gone down to Runge to finish up Judge Archer’s job.

“Mr. Lee Fore of Beeville, visited the family of Mr. John Rutledge, his Father-in-law. this week. and returned home on Wednesday.

“Judge Archer is having a commodious two-story building erected at Runge, which will be occupied by L. C. Tobin as a hotel. Verily Runge is to be a city of hotels.  'Long may she wave.'

“Died on Tuesday, October 25, at his home in Karnes County about four  miles below Helena, Mr. John Wofford.  Thus passes away to his eternal rest, a good honest man, in whom 'there was no harm.'  "Requiescat in peace."

“Moses Williams who was in jail on a charge of theft of corn, gave bond and was released from prison by Capt. Rudd on Thursday morning.  This leaves the county jail empty.

“Mr. August Kraege father of Mrs. A. Meyer, and Mrs. Wilhelmine Meyer, mother of Mr. A. Meyer, both of Yorktown, were in town this week visiting their son and daughter.

“A mail route from Runge to Goliad has been established and the service will begin, between those two points, early in November next when there will be direct daily postal connection between Helena and Goliad.   And still we move.

“Mr. Wm. Custer was in town Monday. Billy has purchased a good piece of land near Runge, and is now building himself a comfortable house on it, and will move with his family to in soon, where he will reside in Future. Billy deserves success and we hope he may fully realize it.

“Mrs. Maggie Bailey has moved to Runge which will be her future home.  Her many friends here regret to see her leave, but unite in best wishes for her welfare.

“Judge Wilson and Capt. Rudd went to Runge today to investigate the case of a man found wounded and insensible near the railroad crack, supposed to have fallen or been thrown from a moving car.

“Last week the sheriff and indeed everybody else in town were surprised at the appearance in town of Will Burris who only a few days previous had burned a hole in the jail floor and escaped.  He came in with a bond in his pocket and a Dooley County smile on his face. Capt. Rudd accepted his bond and he went his way rejoicing. Someone asked him what he burnt out of jail for.   ‘H – – – e I wanted to rustle a bond,’ said he; ‘I didn’t want to stay jail six months.'

“Runge is on a real boom.   Several good frame buildings are in course of construction, besides those already completed. At the present. rate it bids fair to become the metropolis of Karnes county.  'Let ‘er go Gallagher.’

“Mrs. Sarah Elder and her children have through their attorneys, Graves and Little, brought suit against the S.A.A.P. Railroad Co. for $56,000, damages for breach of contract by failing to keep and maintain a depot at Kenedy, Karnes County, Texas.

“Mr. A. Meyer this week put in operation a branch house at Runge.  Mr. Emil Schultz the energetic and popular bartender who has worked for him here a long time, will take charge of the branch house, and of course Emil will get there with both feet.”




Reiffert & Tips – Banker & Merchant.

H. J. Huck & Co Lumber Yard & Wagons, Carnages, etc. –Cuero, Victoria, Yoakum and Runge.

Southern Hotel – San Antonio, C. C. Conoly & Co. Prop.

O. B. Dailey – Dry Goods, Kenedy.

S.A.& A.P. Railway Co.

Wm. S. Ruckman – General Mdse., Riddleville, Texas.

Helena Hotel – Mrs. Jane Wilson, Helena, Texas

Bonham l& Beck’s Drug Store, Runge, Texas.

D. Vickers, Troughs, Cisterns, etc.. Runge, Texas.

Schorre Bros., Mill & Gin,   John Ruckman, Helena. Texas

W. H. Lokey & Co., Clothing,   Runge, Texas

Otto Kraege, Runge, Texas

W. D. Cleveland & Co.,   Houston, Texas.

Runge Meat Market, T. J. Fanis, Prop.

Mayfield Yates – General Mdse, Runge, Texas.

Servoss & Samons, Floresville, Texas.

A Meyer Saloon, P.unge, Texas

H. Seidel – GeneraI Mdse., Helena, Texas.

Frank R. Graves – Atty. at Law, Helena, Texas.

E. G. Gillette – Atty at Law, Runge, Texas.

W S. Dailey – Physician & Surgeon, Helena, Texas.

P. B. Plotts – M.D., Riddleville, Texas.




Mr. John Ruckman left Tuesday morning for San Antonio. a delegate to the Democratic Convention.

E C. Scale returned home Saturday from Mississippi, where he has been several months with horses.

Mrs. Walter Napper of San Antonio is visiting her brother, A. Maley

August 15, 1890 – After an interval of 16years the 82nd Distnct will be represented by a Karnes County man.   The convention met at Floresville for the purpose of nominating a Democratic candidate.   Eight ballots were cast.  Mr. F. R. Graves will be the first representative from Karnes County since Mr. Lawhon represented us in 1874.

August 15. 1890 – Land for sale by Gillett & Leckie. 30,000 acres at $10 per acre, 1/4 cash, balance in 5 years. 5,000 acres 10 mi of Runge at $5 per acre. 80,000 acres at $3 per acre, 2 000 acres at $6 per acre.

August 1, 1890 – Mr. G. Tips, agent for Runge Town Co., sold two building lots to Messrs. White & Cavan.   One of the gentlemen will erect a residence immediately.

December 10, 1896 - A. F. Dietz and B. L. Hausmann were over from Yorktown the latter part of the week on a visit to their families and to see how things were booming over here.

John Kritzer, the beef buyer, shipped nine cars of steers co Georgetown to feed last Saturday.  The cattle were purchased of A. W Talk, J. M. Choate and John Busby, three cars from each, and the price paid was $20 per head.  This is the second lot Mr. Kritzer has shipped from here and it is quite probable that he will return for more in a week or so.

W. T. Box’s new residence near the high school building is beginning to look quite “housey”.

Mrs. P. W. Tom went to Beeville last Sunday to visit friends. She returned Tuesday.

Mrs. Alfred Tips and baby went to Yorktown on Saturday’s train on a visit to her father and family.

W. H. Lokey spent Sunday with his family, after a week’s trip on the road.

C. A. Conway was among the visitors from Helena Saturday.

Capt. John Ruckman was here from Helena on business last Saturday.

The new residence of C. C. Outler south of town is nearing completion.

Tax Collector W. T. Morris and Deputy Collector A. J. Parker were here Monday and Tuesday and relieved the tax payers of this precinct of considerable spare cash.

Mrs. Kraege, Miss Edna Matthews and Messrs. Rudolf and Louis Reuser visited friends in Karnes City last Sunday.

Fresh line of staple and fancy groceries at R. L. Reuser.

W. S. Ruckman of Riddleville was here Monday and Tuesday disposing of produce and attending to other matters of business.

Representative-elect A. J. Bell was down from Karnes City last Thursday greeting friends in Runge.

March 28, 1890 – Willie Heberer received a handsome new cart from the factory last Saturday, and behind his blooded sorrel trotter cuts quite a dash.

Dr. T. J. Pressly locates in Runge Nov. 28, 1890.

July 11, 1890 – Capt. W. L. Rudd was here Friday and Saturday in the interest of his candidacy for sheriff.

May 16, 1890 – P. B. Butler delivered $2,000 worth of beeves to Baker and Woodsworth of Cuero, at Kenedy last Saturday.

April 4, 1890 – D. C. Lyons sold 35 head of mares to J. B Davenport of Bandera. Yesterday prices went $25 per head.

April 4, 1890 – Runge has a population of 500 and has been in existence 2 1/2 years, but in all that time there has not been a single death in its limits, and but little sickness.

March 28, 1890 – A. Meyer and Dan Fore are two good fishermen.  They get game every time.   Last Friday morning they pulled two fine fish out of the San Antonio River weighing 20 and 30 pounds respectively.

For a good, clean shave and stylish haircut go to P. W. Tom’s Barber Shop.

Lemonade and soda water at all time at Wilson R. Outler.

We will be in the market to buy every pound of cotton for cash. that may be offered in the market. Reiffert & Tips.

February 4, 1891 – Joe Steiger, the nursery man, is here and has begun active operation on his nursery east of Runge.

June 10, 1891 – Mr. and Mrs. George Heberer, parents of Mrs. G. Tips, have decided to make Runge their permanent home.

July 17, 1891 – Messrs. T. J Peacock and M. I. Gentry of Bastrop closed a trade for a farming tract which they will improve this fall.

July 17, 1891 -A. F. Dietze began work on a two story business house in Runge, 26x60.

August 21. 1891 – Bob Thorogood had a nice stall erected to protect his brand new buggy and spanking team of paint trotters From the airy winds and west rains.

November 28, 1891 – Runge’s first fire occurred, last Saturday evening when the smoke house attached to Wuensch and Grunn’s butcher shop caught fire and was destroyed with a large quantity of fine class sausage.

December 19, 1891 – W. H. Lokey and family were here Sunday visiting relatives.– Helena Correspondent

Married in Kenedy on January 10, 1891, Mr. S. C. Butler and Miss Emma Seale.

January 9. 1891 – Mrs. J. J. McCrea from Runge is on a short visit to her sister, Mrs Sallie Ruckman, of this place.

January 30, 1891 – P. W. Tom and family paid Kenedy a visit Sunday, returning Monday

January 23. 1891 – Fritz Korth and H. P. Eckhardt came up from Yorktown Monday on a visit to old fnends.

December 1, 1891 – The Contract for the grubbing an grading of 13 or 14 of the principal streets of Runge was let last Tuesday by G. Tips, agent for Runge Town Company, and gang of mild-eyed Aztecs are now making the brush and grubs fly at a lively rate and our streets will soon assume an entirely different appearance.  Hurrah for the street grubbers.

December 19, 1891 – Afred Tips, youngest brother of our fellow townsman, G.Tips, arrived Wednesday on a visit to his brother whom he had not seen for sixteen years.  Though native Texan he was reared in Germany and has been in the state only three weeks.

December 26, 1891 – O. H. Blanton and J. H. Wilson went hunting last Monday evening and killed a fine deer in the Rose pasture of H. Runge & Co.  The Newsman got his share of it and don’t you forget it

June 20, 1891 – J M. and T. Y Pettus, J. A. York and J. P. Alexander were here to close up some land deals and to close some other important business last Monday.

June 10, 1891 – On last Saturday the commissioners court let the contract for the erection of a steel bridge across the San Antonio River at Panna Maria and passed orders for the erection of two more – one across the river between Kenedy and Runge and the other across the Ecleto at Riddleville.

January 27, 1898 – The wedding in last week’s News not the only one to occur in Runge.  Last night there were two.  The tremendous congregation gathered at the Methodist church to witness the marriage of two happy couples.  Mr. Ellis Lyons and Miss Myrtle Wood were the first to step under a beautiful decorated arch where Rev. J. F. Webb performed an impressive ceremony which united their destinies until death do part.  As they stepped back Mr. Howard Lyons and Miss Effie Wood were united in the same solemn form.   The grooms, in this Runge's first double church wedding, are first cousins and so are the brides.  John Rutledge and Abbie Lyons and Frank Wood and Eula Yates were attendants.

Wm. Wuensch, the new gin man, moved his family to Runge and are occupying the Huebner residence on the gin premises.

December 5, 1901 – Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Tipton have a brand new daughter at their home. born some three weeks ago, but we failed to gather the item as promptly as we should desire, but the young lady is doing excellently just the same.

M. K. Clemons says he has given up the idea of moving to Bay City, and will move his family to town as soon as he can secure a house.   He has rented the P. B. Lyons dwelling now occupied by A. J. Jordan and family.

J. E. Wood has arrived from Mineral City and will make Runge his permanent home.  Mr. Wood has rented the Markinson farm near town and will occupy same.

Miss Sallie McCrea of Runge is visiting her sisters, Mesdames Lord and Wasserman, in Cuero.

W. H. Leckie has returned from a trip to the rice lands of Wharton and Matagorda counties.

A. W. Talk is having his dwelling repainted.

Jul 18, 1901 –   Alfred Tips was all smiles last Tuesday morning an all due to the arrival of a fine boy at his home Monday night. This is the first boy, although the young man starts out in life with two sisters. Here's hoping he may grow up to be a great and good man.

October 2 1901 – G. Tips accompanied by his son Gus, left last Friday for College Station, where the latter will enter the A&M College.

November 14, 1901 – August Brieger has a boy at his home more than three weeks old, but was too modest to say anything about it until yesterday. Little Willie Morris fell from the lumber shed, about 10 feet high, at the lumber yard yesterday and received several small scratches, but nothing of a serious nature. Only a few days before this Ed Hunter made a miscalculation and leaped from a window in the second story of Baxter's store. He was not even scratched.– September 9, 1901.

The marriage of G. M. Warner and Miss Alice Ryan took place September 19, 1901.

June 9, 1904 – Justice T. J. Long held a session of court last Saturday afternoon. One case, a trail by jury, was disposed of by acquittal.

P. W. Tom has purchased 100 cows, about half of them with calves, from W. J. Porter.

The Corner Stone laying of First Baptist Church took place January 15, 1905. A short history of the church which was founded July 15, 1888, was given. Rev. J. M. Carroll gave the address.

Mr. and Mrs. Agee, Sr., celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.– June 17, 1905.

Miss Paralee Lewis and Johnny Menn were married at the home of the bride’s parents in Runge.– August 19, 1908.

Cal Tom, Walter Tips and Homer Livingston left yesterday to resume their studies at the University at Austin after spending the holidays with relatives here.– January 2, 1908.

April 5, 1909 – At a meeting of the directors of the Runge Oil Mill Company the following officers were elected: E. G. Gllett, President; W. W. Boyce, Vice President, and Wm. Heberer, Secretary-Treasurer. J. B. Hollingsworth was appointed manager for a period of one year.

L. S. Brown left Wednesday for St. Louis where he will spend several days buying dry goods for his store.– February 11, 1909.

Charley Boyce surprised his many friends by marrying Miss Pearl Pucknill of Roswell, New Mexico on June 25, 1911.

J. E. Kuhne purchased the Sutter Barber Shop.– October 21, 1911.

The State Bank opened Tuesday, October 19, 1911.

George Maurice Riley met sudden accidental death in his prime of life.– August 31, 1911.

Mrs Emil Schendel of Shiner is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H D Wessels, about five miles north of town.– Decemher 7. 1911.

December 18, 1912 – By a vote of 86 for incorporation and 54 against, the people of Runge adopted a municipal government. G. Tips was elected Mayor and R. H. Weatherly and F. J. Slavik commissioners.

Earnest Grosse and Miss Lillie Dahlman were married December 8. 1910.

Bob Cox and Miss Erna Bluhm were married December 22. 1910.

Karnes County Medical Association met at runge. Tuesday, January 24. 1911 . The following officers were elected: Dr. D. Y. Willbern, President, Runge; Dr. R. L. Hammack, Vice President, Kenedy; Dr. R. C. Youngblood, Secretary & Treasurer, Falls City. Dr. E. B.. Young, Charco, was elected as delegate to the state medical association, Dr. S. A. King as alternate.

Miss Pollie Clemons and J. H. Blanton were married at the Methodist church by Rev. J W. Rowland – May 28, 1911.

Thomas Dromgoole, 95, died yesterday. He was among the remaining few survivors of the Battle of San Jacinto and the grandfather of our Mayor Tom Dromgoole.– April 27, 1911.

S. W. Debord sold his I.X L. Livery Feed stable to W. C Yeary.– March 11, 1911

October 9, 1911 – We regret to announce the sudden death of our friend and neighbor, Will Someday, who died last Tuesday night, after a brief, though painful illness.   A broken heart, from his failure to fill an appointment with C. R. Alexander, was the immediate cause of his departure to parts unknown.

August 8, 1911 – Will Alex, a young married man was accidentally caught in the gin saws at the W. B. Mixon gin. With a moment’s notice or before any assistance could be rendered death ensued instantly. He was mourned by his wife and family of small children.

News was received in Runge that Wm. Frobese died at his home in Cuero. He was a senior member of the Reiffert and Frobese Firm.– August 10, 1911.

Wesley Vickers’ new home which had just been completed burned with a loss of $1,900.– June 17, 1911

G. Tips, Wm. Hebrer, L. H. Reuser and O. M. Lewis attended the funeral of William Menn at Gillett Monday.– August 11, 1913.

Miss “Minchen” Meyer (now Mrs. A. F. Speary), went back to San Antonio Friday to reenter St Mary’s Hall.– November 26, 1903.

Hal Lokey returned to San Antonio Saturday to resume his studies at West Texas Military Academy.

Joe McDougal left for Houston Tuesday. He has secured employment in that city and expects co remain there for some time.

Dr. M. A Rowan, the popular dentist of Runge, left for Rockport Tuesday to be gone a couple of weeks.– July 8, 1903.

Oscar Lewis and family left for Austm Sunday to spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives.

P. E. Nutt sold the Rocket store to Herman Grosse of Cuero.

Rev. D. A. Jud of New Jersey came in last Saturday to make Runge his future home where he will serve St. Paul’s Lutheran congregation as pastor.

Pink Bennett of Helena died at the age of 87. He was one of the oldest settlers of Karnes County – March 11, 1913.

Albert Zierahn died March 12, 1913. He was a valued employee of Karnes County News for many years. He is survived by his wife and daughter, Alberta.

There are now 4,037 school children in Karnes County.– April 24, 1913.

Otto Hedtke and Bertha Krietsch were married Thursday afternoon at the Lutheran church by Rev. Hasskarl.– September 21, 1916.

Mrs. Carrie Agee 70, died July 4, at the family home – July 6, 1916.    

Mrs. Candacy Pullin, 90, died at her home at Kenedy Sunday morning. She was the mother of 10 children, most of whom are living. She was the grandmother of Carl and Marcos Pullin.– July 6, 1916.

Louis Jauer of Karnes City and Miss Ella Goetz were married April 20, 1916.

Mrs. H. D. Wessels returned home from Orange Grove where she spent a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Anna Schroeder and children.– September 14, 1916.

Miss Edna Schorre and Paul Pearce were married last evening.– August 31, 1916.

A new drug company was formed in Runge when F. D. Atchley, proprietor of the Runge Pharmacy, removed his entire stock of goods to P. E. Nutt saloon stand which had been remodeled.– September 6, 1917.

Monday G. Tips moved his entire stock of Dry Goods to his new quarters next door to Agee Drug Store.– August 16, 1917.

Judge Tom B. Smiley has placed his resignation before the commissioners court to take effect following the Federalization of State Troops August 5th.   J. F. Murray and D. O. Klingeman are candidates for the position.– July 26, 1917.

The Karnes County Council of Defense organized at Karnes City Monday, July 23, 1917 when the committee recently appointed by the state organization assembled there for that purpose.  The committee is composed of J. W. Ruckman, Harry Gregory, R. J. Polasik, P. B. Butler, W. T. Woods, and D. O. Klingeman, and W. H. McGoldrick..  Mr. Ruckman was elected chairman and Mr. McGoldrick secretary.

Runge has more enlisted men in the army than any town its size.  42 enlisted in one day.– July 5, 1917.

Steve Debord and J. J. Coffman were drowned in Median Lake.– July 5, 1917.

Ellis Outler left Friday for an extended stay in Washington, D.C. where he will spend several months. Alfred Willbern is filling the vacancy at the depot.– June 7, 1917.

Sheriff Jesse B. Farris died at Lansing, Michigan, where he had gone to bring a prisoner home.– December 20, 1917.

John Jacob Riley, 82, died at his ranch home November 1, 1917. He was a pioneer settler and was the contractor who built Helena Court House.

Mrs. Joe Keepers of Kingsville is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Talk – May 31, 1917.

August 25, 1918 – Mrs. Annie Worley Rowan, wife of Dr. M. A. Rowan, passed away Sunday afternoon in San Antonio.

H. K. Livingston, county commissioner of precinct 4, asked us to withdraw his announcement.   He has held office for the past two years.

Alfred Brieger and Miss Lydia Goetz were married at Lutheran church at Karnes City Thursday evening, August 28, 1919.

A NEW EDITOR – A fine eight pound baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alf. B. Schroeter Saturday morning, August 30, 1919.  He has been named W. S. S (Wessel S. Schroeter).  Mother and babe are doing fine and as for the Editor we can only say he may recover.

Miss Hertha Schroeder, 15, and the eldest daughter of Mrs. Anna Schroeder died at Monteola March 14, 1920.  She was a niece of Mrs. Alf. B. Schroeter.

Monday, April 9, 1923, will never be forgotten by residents of Runge when the worst and most disastrous hail storm that ever fell in Texas knocked out all north windows and shutters and screens, damaged roofs and furniture.  Damage estimated at $50,000.   Hundreds of chickens killed and gardens ruined.

Miss Ollie Reagan of Helena spent the past week here visiting the Tom Dromgoole home.

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Gillett and daughter, Miss Dorothy. of Georgetown came in Friday for a short visit to relatives.

August 2, 1923 – Mrs. J. D. Pace of Kenedy celebrated her 80th birthday anniversary. 

September 15, 1921 – Mr Albert G. Lee and Miss Alfreda Tips were united in marriage Sunday afternoon, September 4, in Runge.

Frank Katzmark of New York City and Miss Ella Riebschlawger of Runge were married at Cuero Monday.

September 27, 1921 – Joe Zezula and Miss Cecelia Vyvlecka were married September 27, 1921, by Father John Toujas.

C. F. Steves and W. H. Shirar were injured at Kenedy November 10, 1920, when the Ford car in which they were riding was struck by Sap switch engine.

September 27, 1923 – At a joint meeting of the Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and School Board at the C. of C. office, Mr. Calvin of Hico was elected to fill the position of Chamber of Commerce secretary and Vocational Agriculture teacher.

September 10, 1923 – A fine baby girl was born to Editor and Mrs. Alf. B. Schroeter.

August 10, 1923 – The News Editor extends congratulations to Editor and Mrs. S. D. Chesnutt of Kenedy upon the arrival of a fine baby boy one day last week.

August 30, 1923 – On last Wednesday morning Editor A. C. Dietz suffered a stroke of paralysis on the right side of his body.

W. H. Lokey died suddenly December 19, 1924, age 64 years.

Coldest weather in years hit Runge December 18, 1924.  Light, telephone and telegraph wires down from sleet and rain.  Town left in darkness for several days.

Mrs. Gertrude Abbott Moore McKinney, 64, former Runge resident, died December 7, 1924, at Waco.

Chas. Lauenroch, 61, passed away December 4, 1924.

Mrs. Herbert H. Steves, nee Lillie Wessels, died November 16, 1924, at age of 31 years.  Leaves her husband, 5 children, parents, and brother and 7 sisters surviving her.

Runge Mercantile Co. opened for business December 4, 1924, by W. Schorlemer, W. F. Sculken, and J. B. Janecek.

Mrs A. O. Timm, 58, died November 9 1924.

8850 bales of cotton ginned in Runge to October 15, 1924.

Runge held a Karnes Kounty Korn Karnival in October 1924.  Miss Loren Lord was elected queen.

Miss Anita Brieger and J. M. McCarley were married July 9, 1924.

In reproducing some school history we note that on September 1897, Clifton McDougal was elected janitor at a salary of $8.00 per month.

Curtis Marshall and Miss Margaret Brown were married May 17, 1924.


John Archer, County Judge; John Bailey, County Attorney; N. B. Evans, Dist. Clerk; W. Napper, Sheriff; G. W. Brown, County Clerk; John Ruckman, Treasurer; W. P. Henry, Assessor; W. J. Seale, Surveyor; A. D. Evans, L. D. Cook, P. H. Rose, and A. D. Dzuik.

City ordinance passed for any one not to drive any vehicle over 12 miles per hour in Runge city limits;  G. Tips Mayor, J. F. Murray. Clerk – July 26, 1913.




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