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Ancestors of Carolyn Merle Knight Getting

9-11-2001.  God Bless America.


My favorite photograph of my father.  Taken about 1941-1942 on the Welder Ranch in  Odem, TX.  Mama tells me, "the chaps were Daddy Becker's old chaps, and the mare, was his old mare.  If you turned your back on her, she'd bite you in the butt."

    My name is Carolyn, as you can see.  I grew up in Texas (Central Texas actually.)  When I started in search of my family roots, I knew mostly about my mother's side of the family, all German.  My mother is a second generation American on her father's side (Schueneman.)  On her mother's side, the Gross family arrived in 1848 aboard the Brig Antoinette in Galveston, TX.  My grandmother's Altman family were in DC as early as 1854 (more to learn there.)

    Wow, has the information about my family grown over the years.  I love knowing about my family, and was especially surprised and happy to find that on my father's side, some of my ancestors date back to the beginnings of Virginia and my country, the United States of America.  They were the Foote, Berryman, Colclough, Newton, Rogers, Marshall, Knight, Biles, Byles, Tate, Blanton and Smith families among others.  These families seemed to move about every 20 years, some staying, others leaving, going into North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and my branch ending up in the Lone Star State of Texas.  

    I will be happy to hear from you and share with you.  Please email me with any additions, corrections or comments.  As you view these pages, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you ~ and you know your names ~ for all the help and support you've given me in my search for my roots.  God bless you all!









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