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Mar 8, 1822 Warren Co., NC

Statement by Peter Jones, a resident of Warren County, aged 76 years (May Ct., 1823):  He served in the Revolutionary War and took command as Lieutenent in a company commanded by Capt. John Jones in the fall of 1775. He also served in a regiment commanded by Col. Mordecei Buckner.  On January 1, 1777 he took command of a company as captain under Col. William Davis and in 1779 the said Jones marched to the siege of Savannah under Col. Richard Parker.  Afterwards he returned to the siege of Cornwallis at York, Virginia and continued until the surrender.  All his military service was performed in the line of the state of Virginia on the Continental establishment.  He hereby states that he owns no land and very little property.  He further states that he conveyed his only Negro to William Hicks in trust for Henry Fitts, March 8, 1822.  His family consists of three persons, himself, a daughter named Sintha Jones (age 24) and a Negro Ephraim (age 36).  A subsequent disposition (Feb. Ct., 1824) reveals he also fought at the battle of Monmouth, that his only daughter (about age 21 or 22) living with him.


Source: Records of Estates Warren County, North Carolina 1805-1833 Volume II by David B. Gammon. Pg 33 #471.



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