Revolutionary Soldiers Buried At Snow Creek



"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried at Snow Creek," 9 Mar 1883, 'The Landmark,' Statesville, Iredell Co., NC."
    A citizen of Sharpesburg township has furnished us with the following list of soldier of the revolutionary war whose bones repose in Snow Creek grave-yard:
    Robert Boyd, Capt. William Feimster, Capt. Joseph Sharpe, James Sharpe, William Sharpe, ("Lawyer Billy"), James McHargue, John McHargue, Jas. Callahan, Thomas Moore, Samuel Wilson, David White, Adam Laurence, William Hardin, Peter Claywell, James King, John King, Ned Burton, William Bone, Robert Dobson, Valentine Tucker.
    Isaac Marshall, William Woodsides and John Luck, also soldiers of the Revolution, lie buried in private burying grounds near Snow Creek.
    Of the above Peter Claywell was at the battle of Guilford Court House; James John and William Sharpe were in the battle of Kings' Mountain; Ned Burton and John Luck were at the surrender at Yorktown; John McHargue was wounded, captured and paroled, came home, took small-pox and died; James King was in the skirmish at Cowan's Ford and James Callahan was in the battle of Camden.
    There are buried at Snow Creek, also, several soldiers of the war of 1812 and a number of Confederates, among the latter the gallant and distinguished Reuben P. Campbell, Colonel of the Seventh North Carolina regiment. The majority of the graves of these soldiers are unmarked save by rude stones, and the gentleman who has given us the above names and facts accompanies them with the patriotic suggestion that the descendants or other relatives of these heroes should unite and have raised in Snow Creek graveyard, a monument, if it be of no more costly material than granite, to the memory of the soldiers of these three wars who are buried there. We concur very heartily in the suggestion and have no doubt that the funds necessary for the erection of a suitable shaft could easily be raised if some one would but take the initiative in the matter." 
Source: "Newspaper Transcripts from 'The Landmark', Stateville, NC 1874-1884" compiled by Irene Clanton Black.



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