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Researched and compiled by Carolyn M. Getting  

1. Enlistment - May 17, 1777 in 14th VA Regiment Commanded by Col. Davis.  Upon enlistment he was shown as a Sergeant in his Service record.1  
2. Battle of Brandywine at Brandywine, PA - Sept 11, 1777 1 The 14th VA Regiment under Col. Charles Lewis, was part of the 2nd VA brigade under Brig. Gen. George Weedon. The 2nd VA brigade was part of the 1st Division under Major General Nathanael Greene. 2 
3. Battle of Germantown at Germantown, PA - Oct 7, 1777.  Isaac was wounded and taken prisoner.1  Since this battle took place a little over three weeks after Brandywine, I am assuming that the 1st Division under Greene was still made up by, at least of those that were left after the battle of Brandywine, and know that Greene's Division under Washington was also at the Battle of Germantown. 3  " Major General Nathanael Greene's division, making up the bulk of the attacking force, made up the left-center of the American Line.  Originally assigned to travel over Skippack road, these men instead moved on Morris Road, which delayed their march.  The extreme left flank, made up of Smallwood's Maryland militia and Forman's New Jersey militia, was to head down Morris Road to Church Road, advancing ahead of Greene's column.  From St. Thomas's Church, Whitemarsh, they were to march to Old York Road and turn right toward the center of Germantown.  Greene's column was to turn down Limekiln Pike and attack the lst Battalion of British Light Infantry posted near Luken's Mill." 5
 "Despite the optimism of the orders of battle, which asserted that all troops were to be in position by 2:00 a.m., rest until 4:00 a.m. and begin a coordinated attack at 5:00 a.m., none of the columns arrived on schedule.  The march lasted all night.  Officers permitted no lights and enforced strict silence.  The night was cloudy and the air damp and chilly.  Men received pieces of white paper to place in their hats so that they could see each other in the dark." 5
4. Taken Prisoner ~ Oct 7, 1777 wounded and taken prisoner (Battle of Germantown). 1
5. Prisoner Exchange ~ Sep, 1778 prisoner exchange between American & British troops. 1 
6. 10th Virginia Regiment ~ Dec, 1778 enlisted with 10th VA Regiment commanded by Col. Richard Parker. 1
7. Detached from Petersburg ~10th VA Regiment was detached from Petersburg, VA in 1779. 1, 6
8. Colonel Parker's Virginia Regiment ~ Col. Richard Parker's regiment marched from Petersburg, VA by "Hillsboro and Saulsbury, No. Carolina, Camden and the Ridge So. Carolina to Augusta Georgia. " 6
9. Capitulation of Savannah ~ December 29, 1779 the fall of Savannah ("Capitulation of Savannah"). 1, 7 
10. Capitulation of Charleston ~ May 12, 1780 the fall of Charleston  ("Capitulation of Charleston"). 1, 2 
11. Prisoner of the British ~ May 12, 1780 taken prisoner by British. 1
12. Escape from British - Escaped from the British and joined up with Gen. Pickens and South Carolina Line under Col. Samuel Hammond. 1, 6
13. Resigned Commission ~ July 21, 1781 resigned his commission and returned home. 1


Isaac Marshall took part in the Battle of Germantown on 4 Oct 1777. 8 (*584*585)  Isaac Marshall was in the 14th VA Regiment, and most likely the 14th was still apart of the 2nd Brigade, which was a part of the 1st Division on Major General Nathanael Greene.  The 14th had, just a month earlier, been part of the Battle of Brandywine.   During the Battle of Germantown he was wounded in the leg and taken prisoner.   He was a prisoner for 11 months and exchanged in July of 1778.  He joined the 10th VA Regiment, after his exchange.

(586)*(587)* Company Muster Roll ~ Dated Aug 4, 1778 for the Month of July, 1778 at White Plains, (NY?) ~ Says "Taken prisoner October 4, 1777 ~ Exchanged July." 8 (*586*587) Isaac again enlisted in Continental Army on 26 Oct 1778 in the Virginia Continental Army.8 (*588)

When he enlisted in Oct, 1778, he enlisted in the 10th VA regiment, the 14th was no longer in existence.  He was apparently given a furlough for re-enlisting. ~ Company Muster Roll for Oct, 1778 ~ dated Dec 24, 1778 says "on Furlough" one muster roll says, "on Furlough in Virginia."  Yet another states furlough expired April 15, 1779, and he is assumed to be with General Scott "southward."

In Oct, 1778 he enlisted for the duration of the war.  His enlistment status is noted on several muster rolls, prior to exchange, it was noted 3 years.  A pay roll record, dated July, 1778 shows him receiving back pay in the amount of


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