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These treasures once were found at Chalky Level, the Greer family homeplace

They are now owned by descendants of the Greer family.

Originally, there were five portraits - the missing one is supposed to be of Richard Cox Greer, son of Francina and John, at about age 7-10, dressed in a green velvet suit, with the hunting horn below over his shoulder on a thong.


Older lady

Family tradition says this is "Aunt Wix" - we don't know who she is.

Could she be Francina's mother, Elizabeth Mead Cox (1794-1860)? Or John Cox Greer's stepmother, Cynthia W. Greer?

Younger lady

Family tradition has called her a Greer daughter, possibly Nap. Or could she be Francina Cox Greer King?

John Cox Greer (1796-1860)

Francina wrote a note that was attached to be back of this portrait, desiring it to hang in "this place" (Chalky Level) to the end of time.

Mother and Baby

Family tradition says this is Francina with son Stump (John Thomas Greer (1842-1880).

Or could it be her sister, Mentoria Bushrod Cox (1813-1859), who married James J. Harrison in 1832, and had six children.

Dick's Horn

These words are etched into this hunting horn, used to call the dogs in from the fields. According to family tradition, a portrait was made of Richard Cox Greer (1830-1889), son of Francina and John Cox Greer. He was dressed in a green velvet suit and had this horn slung over his shoulder on a thong.

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