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Hi. My name is Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, II. Yes, Chancellor really is my first name but my family calls me Buddy. I was born on October 25, 1963 in Niagara Falls, New York, the son of Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, I and Beulah Winona Hawks (no, they never married so I guess that makes me -- to use an archaic phrase -- a bastard child).  I am the only child of my parents, though my mom had a total of five children (the first three from one man, me from my dad and the last one from yet another man).  My dad, depending on which stories you believe, fathered as many as 26 children from two wives and a few promiscuous relationships.

My dad was the son of William Roberts and Ida Roberts (they were first cousins) and was born in Panther, West Virginia in May 1929. His side of the family is pretty much all from McDowell County, West Virginia. Ida Roberts was the sister of the late Treavor Roberts and they were the children of either Thomas or Masten Roberts and Catherine Roberts. Treavor and his wife, the late Laura (Daugherty) Roberts had nine children. Ida Roberts had my dad and his sister, Lenora Roberts. Lenora married "Sampy" Stumbo. I have a daughter who was born in September 1990..

Here are some of my favorite websites:

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My Website (http://www.nestoriancalvinistpentecostalweb.net)

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