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I Don't Have Any Research Done. I Am Only In The Set Up Stages. I Have My Work Cut Out For Me On Both Sides Of My Family. With The Rasmussen Site It Is Because There Are Approximately 400 Members Just Since My Rasmussen Grandparents Who Had 12 Children And 56 Grandchildren. We Are Now 4 And 5 Levels Down From There. I'm In The 3rd Generation Which Is Amazing Considering I Am One Of The Younger Ones In The 3rd Generation.
As Far As The Sullivans Go, Well I Don't Know. That's Why I Requested This Web Space Is Because In Order To Research The Sullivan Side I Have To Find Just One. More About That Is To The Right Of This Area.

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Looking For A Particular Set Of Sullivans

Well As You Know This Is For Research On The Sullivan And/Or Rasmussen Sides Of My Family - The Sullivans Being Of My Father And The Rasmussen Being Of My Mother. I Cannot Mention Their Names Until I Have To For Security Purposes. If You Are The Particular Sullivans I'm Looking For, You Know Why And Chances Are You're Probably Looking For Me Too.

You See, Before I Was Born There Was A Huge Conflict In The History Of My Family That Has Continued For What I Believe Has Been The Last 30-40 Or So Years. I Have 5 Living Siblings On My Sullivan Side And The Families Thereof, And One Is Deceased. I Believe He Died In The 70's Or 80's. I Have Never Known The Sullivan Side Of My Family And I've Only Ever Met One In My Life And That Was Upon Happenstance. So I Am Seeking To Find My Roots There So I Can Fully Understand Who I Am And Who My Children Are. I Feel It Is My Birthrite To Know Who Is My Family. My Brother Has Shed A Little Bit Of Light Where My Mother Hasn't. I Know Of Some That Has Occured In The Family From Books And Conversations. But I Don't Know Much More Than That And I Would Like To Know. If You Think I Am That Missing Family Member Or If You Know Its Me, Please Let Me Know Here. Very Soon I Will Have An Online Form Available So That If You Think You May Be One Of My Family Sullivan Family Members That We May Be Able To Shed Some Light. I Am Also Going To Create A Member Area For The Rasmussen Side Of The Family, The Family I Do Know So That We Can Get Family Records Update. I'm Also Going To Contact Our Famous Rassy Historian - Every Rassy Knows Who I'm Talking About - Our Beloved Aunt Sue Who Keeps Wonderful Family Records And Made Memory Books For All The Grandkids (I'm One Of Them As I Am A 3rd Generation Sassy Rassy).
So Overall I'm Studying The Geneology Of Both Sides Of My Family And I Really Need To Know As Much As Possible. Thanks For All Your Help!
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