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This web site was set up so that we could publish our family history. That history is both wide and varied, with my wife Charla's, history spreading across most of the United States with some notable ancestors, then back into Europe . Where as mine is totally from England and is devoid (at this time) of any noteworthy individuals.

We are grateful for the hard work of the following: Great-Aunt Ruth (Hunter) Antrim, Uncle Robert and aunt Helen (Wiggin) SPEARS, our parents, grandparents, and all of our family for all their research, assistance, and patience with us as we attempt to pick their brains, and use of their technical equipment. We are also grateful for the internet and all the new-found cousins we have met due to rootsweb and others and to LDS Friends World Wide where we met online in 1998 now its ten and a half years later; how time drags. Whoops I mean Flies lol.

Family history has been and still is difficult, but yet exciting and rewarding pass time for us. We have found that we are descended from English royalty, witches, murderers, thieves, and Prophets and have met many wonderful people who are willing to create and share wonderful stories about their/our families on the net.

Places to go, People to see

This is the story of how we met.

Here you will find our complete? (Yeah right! Since when?) Pedigree chart.

These are the photographs that we have been able to collect.

These are our Famous and Infamous Ancestors.

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Here Charla talks about her family.

Spears Family Book

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