George Carter

Our Carter History


George Carter, retired Revolutionary War Captain, migrated from Va. to Tennessee with his son Francis Jackson Carter about 1806The family settled in the area of Dutch Bottoms in Cocke County, Tennessee.  According to current residents of Cocke County, the area of Dutch Bottoms was a German community.  Son Francis and his wife, the former Esther Crockett, raised 9 children from their earnings as hog farmers. Our family descends from their son George Washington Carter and his first wife Mary Margaret Clarke through their daughter Rebecca.

Rebecca married James Reuben Allen from Cocke Co. and they had 5 children.  In the early 1970's they left Cocke County.  James died in Missouri and Crockett Carter, Rebecca's uncle brought the family to Texas.  They settled in the Parker/Tarrant County area.  There Rebecca met and married James Eubanks.  They had 4 children, one of which was my great grandmother Maud Mueller Eubanks


Maud Mueller Eubanks



Descendants of George Carter


William Carter        Charles Carter         Robert Carter       Francis Jackson Carter            Sarah Sallie Carter


Disclaimer Please note.  I can only vouch for my direct ancestors and descendents.  I have placed them in maroon.  I have documentation for some others but most of it has been accumulated through various books and internet contacts